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Profitable & Transformational
Workshop Secrets

Step-by-Step Facilitator Training Designed to
Increase Your Income & Workshop Results

Is it time for you to begin facilitating workshops or
take your facilitation skills to the next level?

Are you ready to add more profit to your business bottom-line
and help your clients achieve better results?


Join Dynamic Facilitator Lisa Michaels for this content-rich on-line training where
you’ll learn the secrets to creating profitable workshops with great results for your
participants — whether you are new to facilitating or have years of experience — you’ll
be bringing them back time after time hungry for more.


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Dear Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, and Expert,

Are you looking for something to add excitement, learning retention, transformational impact, and increased financial flow to your workshops?

Over the last 15 years, I’ve taught thousands of hours of transformational workshops, in-person and online with powerful results. So impactful in fact that for years I ever time I’d finish one level of a program the group immediately requested the next level of training. That’s frankly why I have sooooooo much content.

I’ve taught this training over the years in person but now I’m bringing this workshop system online so that no matter where you are in the world you can learn these secret techniques. They are potent and produce results, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here still facilitating after 15 years.

They work just as well on-line as in-person. In this training I’ll be mostly focused on how to use them in-person, while sharing with you some ways to utilize them online.

This training is unique because of all the places the wisdom was gathered…

  • First, I started as a ballet teacher (this helped me to know how to MOVE workshop energy and participants).
  • Then, I studied Accelerated Learning extensively (this provided a powerful system to help create results but also included ways to get students to embody concepts kinesthetically).
  • Next, I trained as a priestess facilitator (here I learned to hold emotionally safe space for deeply transformative experiences).
  • After that, I had years of hands on experience (I facilitated workshops almost every weekend for over 11 years).
  • Finally, I tackled my technological fears, took tons of additional trainings, and learned to facilitate transformational workshops online.

This combination of skills will help you in some incredibly powerful ways
to release the next level of your inner facilitator and increase your results!

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IMG_1312“Working with Lisa Michaels online, on the phone, and in-person has much greater value than any financial investment you could ever make. Lisa creates and holds wonderful space where we find our own “Creation Being” inside of ourselves and assist Her and allow Her to emerge.

Lisa is a very smart and savvy business woman, dancer, and creator with tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and awareness who gently and powerfully guides You to You, The One who now has what they require to do whatever they choose...” Carylanne Tracey

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PM 

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.15.10 AMYou’ll Come Away With…

  • Your 6-figure or next level facilitation strategic business plan amplified
  • Your inner facilitator fully activated at the next level to help you grow a thriving business
  • Deeper skills to help your clients clear blocked energies in your workshops
  • Dynamic ways to move group energy in your workshops
  • Potent tools to create accelerated learning facilitation environments
  • Accelerated learning ways of working with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit in your group programs and to grow your business
  • Experience in determining when someone needs to clear energy or direct the forces of co-creation
  • Facilitation skills for holding space for each persons individual process and the movement of group energy in your workshops
  • Knowing how to access the help you need on the inner realm to help your participants achieve their dreams
  • Skills with how the astrological archetypes influence your group programs
  • Tools for dealing with resistance and creating safety in your workshops
  • Tips for integration after your groups
  • The capacity to create a group energetic container for transformation
  • Increase wisdom on how to help someone process a piece that arises from the work
  • Powerful ways to work with dance and creativity for energetic movement and/or integration
  • Important business building and marketing strategies for your facilitation business


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 Included in this Power-Packed Training:



photodune-1534388-money-falling-from-the-moon-xs-300x289Module 1:
Get started developing your next level profitable workshop business strategy.

IMG_1904Module 2:
Expand your inner facilitator success skills to grow your business.

2012-03-24 08.50.23Module 3:
Accelerated learning secrets that dynamically boost your participants results and keep them coming back for more.

Powerful activations that move group energy in your workshops.

money_goddess_110_0457-300x168Module 5:
How to design and create your own profitable transformational workshops.

2012-06-26 14.55.23 copyModule 6:
How to hold a strong safe energetic container for transformation in your workshops.

How to utilize Earth & Water to support your workshops and build your business.

IMG_0308Module 8:
How to include Air & Fire to accelerate your programs and your business growth.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 12.00.24 AMModule 9:
How to bring Spirit into your groups and align the unified field for greater participant and business success.

photo_61824_20111021Module 10:
Uplevel Your Marketing Mojo to Promote Your Programs.

handoutsModule 11:
Vital steps to take leading up to and during your program to create success.



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Here’s feedback from participants of
Lisa’s previous online facilitator training’s:

I’ve worked with the Elements before as part of my spiritual practice, but this facilitator training took my experience of them to a totally new level. Really embodying each Element in turn, tuning in to their teachings, using them to release blocks, and activating their power within me was so amazing. I’m excited to put all that I learned into practice and share with others my love of dance as a truly marvelous key to healing & transformation. ~Noelle

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PM
Lisa, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the workshop was. You are a wonderful facilitator. The structure of the workshop and working with the elements were lovely. I see them from a new perspective and am blessed by their gifts. I also realized what healing dance is for my body releasing old cellular wounds and memories. The movement and flow was magical. Thank you so very much. ~Pamela
Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PM
Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing facilitator on-line workshop! I am so inspired and empowered by my experience with you and your work that I feel activated with bliss. I am in such gratitude for my life and all of the blessings that have been coming my way, this day being one of them. The way you teach about the elemental forces is so simplistic, yet so effective. You’re truly a natural facilitator of life. I’m looking forward to applying these teachings to my work with my self and others. ~MaryAnne Savino
Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PMLisa’s Facilitator Training was phenomenal! She is a masterful teacher, offering rich content woven with spectacular music and dance prompts that resulted in a fully interactive training experience.  She  focused on the role of a facilitator in ways that felt energizing and empowering. Lisa is amazing in the way she artfully conceptualizes the aspects of the elemental forces and in her ability to simplify the meaning of consciously working with the natural elemental forces in our creations. The focus and the flow of the training is dynamic and Lisa’s spirit emanates empowering grace as she delivers clear guidance for working with the elements and integrating their energies to affect conscious change in people’s lives. Superb! Thank You! ~Barbara Lyn Cartwright

 Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PM

“The facilitator online course totally blew my mind, ravished my senses, an helped me realize all the capacities I have as a facilitator. For me it was a sacred journey of discovering and healing myself. I finished with a feeling of something so big, I cannot contain it in my body. Thank you Lisa for your guidance, love, and amazing capacity to transmit energy beyond distance. You are an exceptional teacher, high priestess, and dancer! All my love. If you are attracted to this course don’t delay register. If you do the work you will get results and even if you do it just for you, it is extremely valuable, as a healing process.” ~Valerie Cammareri “Lisa gave us such wonderful, useful practical information and bountiful resources, making this course valuable for anyone who is currently facilitating or dreams of offering workshop experiences.” SScreen Shot 2013-12-29 at 11.45.19 PM

“We hadn’t even gotten to Module 4 of the online training before my mindset and energy around giving workshops had changed so much that I was receiving unsolicited requests for giving workshops by email! I can’t wait to see how much my life will improve, and how much I can be of service! Truly an amazing and magical program that is chock-full of information and organic processes.  I feel supported, with easy to implement plans that give me confidence in my ability to move forward and make my dreams a reality. Thank you Lisa for offering such a life-changing experience. We are all blessed to have you teaching us how to empower ourselves!” A

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IMG_2135GuaranteSealMy Personal Guarantee

I want you to be more than satisfied with the information in “Profitable Transformational Workshop Facilitation”. If after a year of working with this material and fully implementing in your trainings you are not 100% delighted with the information provided – just let me know and I’ll arrange to refund your money. You have my word on it!

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Yes, I’m ready to learn the powerful secrets in Profitable Transformational Workshop Training.

When I enroll in this special Profitable Transformational Workshop Facilitator Training, I will receive:

  • 11 Potent Training sessions, ready for immediate viewing, each approximately 60 minutes, taught personally by Lisa Michaels
  • Continuous replay’s of all the presentations for a full year in case you want to hear any section again – including downloadable MP3’s.
  • Handouts and transcripts of each of the trainings.
  • A template for effortless workshop design.
  • Step-by-step system for workshop delivery.
  • Receive a downloadable completion certificate when you submit your completion materials.

I understand “Profitable Transformational Workshop Secrets” comes with Lisa’s personal guarantee. If after a year of working with this material and fully implementing in your trainings you are not 100% delighted with the information provided – just let me know and I’ll arrange to refund your money. You have my word on it!


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Q3tyEHm_IOHOJo8Ms9uq9SJzJT6ZKLF8C2kbIL2Q7EMJoin Me for this Risk-Free
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Please be assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions in just a few minutes. Don’t miss it, at this affordable price. Let’s get you helping your workshop participants receiving powerful transformational results… so You can Move Your Business Bottom-line Forward!

Love and success, Lisa

P.S. Remember, you’re investing in “Profitable Transformational Workshop Secrets”at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain with the wealth of information I’m including so register now.

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Invest In Full

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Legal Disclaimer: Be assured we believe – only in dedicated work, running a business based on integrity, adding value and serving others– not get rich quick programs.
Our intention is to accurately represent our program and its potential. Legally we cannot make any guarantees about your income results with any of our
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