Winter Solstice ~ Sun Enters Capricorn ~ Capricorn New Moon 2014

Stonehenge, England

Winter Solstice

Northern Hemisphere

Element: Earth    
Winter Solstice Window: December 20-22
Winter Solstice Exact: December 21 – 6:03pm Eastern

When a new moon and Wheel of the Year point
align it forms a super charged creation window!

Solstice means “Sun Standstill,” and Winter Solstice is the shortest day and darkest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the place on the Wheel where the sun, which went deep into the dark space of the womb during Samhain, is reborn. After this point you see a gradual day-by-day increase in light until it reaches its peak at Summer Solstice and begins its turn toward the darkness once again.

Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, typically falls between December 20 and 23, and is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. It functions as the seed point for the solar cycle, just as a new moon does for the lunar cycle. Its impact functions in your life for a full year, a complete growing cycle.

Winter Solstice is seen as the time when the Goddess gives birth to the “sun,” or “son,” the masculine principle. The light of the sun emerges, reborn out of the darkness year after year. Thus, traditionally you honored this point on the Wheel by bringing evergreen trees into your home to represent the everlasting nature of the Earth Goddess.

They were decorated with images representing what you wanted to bring into your life for the coming year. Gold balls represented the life force of the sun, icicles symbolized rain, paper money or coins stood for abundance, pinecones and acorns implied fertility.

During this time of the year, a time of the holy days and holidays, most cultures engage in celebration. As part of your celebration of the festival of light, and as you honor Winter Solstice, give deep thanks for the bringer of light, the sun, and all it contributes to your life.

Consider ceremonially hanging lights from your home to illuminate the darkness and recall the rebirth of the light.

During this darkest phase of the year, you are called to reflect on the past year, giving gratitude for all your blessings, and to dream and create the next stage of development for your desires and goals. How you begin this cycle with the Capricorn new moon influences your entire upcoming year.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Winter Solstice:

~ Honor and give deep thanks for the bringer of light, the sun, and all it contributes to your life.  
~ Connect to the light within and light a candle to honor your inner light.
~ Allow time to turn inward. Nourish yourself, taking quiet time to reflect. Allow yourself to rest as nature is resting. Allow the darkness to nurture you.
~ Determine where in your life you are ready for renewal and rebirth.
~ Ask yourself where you need to be more whole and complete unto yourself.
~ Plant creation seeds for your life to expand during the next growing cycle by creating a dream board for the year ahead.
~ Create a yearly completions and blessings list from last Winter Solstice to this one.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Winter Solstice:

~ Express gratitude for all you’ve received in your business throughout the seasonal cycle this year. Create a simple ceremony or altar to honor your creations for the past year.
~ Allow the elements to support your new growing cycle. Tune into Air and ask for information about your most effective focus for the year ahead.
~ Connect with Earth, and plant creation seeds for your business and professional development  to expand during the next growing cycle by creating a dream board for the year ahead.
~ Pay attention to Water to determine what feelings you need to connect with in order to magnetize your desires.
~ Ask Fire what right-aligned actions you need to take to energize your creations.
~ Open to receive support from Spirit.
~ Infuse grace and ease into your business for the growing cycle ahead. Ask yourself how you can allow things in your business to be simpler and flow even better, creating more abundant success.
Elemental Guidance:

If you have an Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle, you may want to draw cards for additional guidance from each element and/or add insight from other decks.

Give thanks to Earth and ask “What is my creation message for the year ahead?”
Give thanks to Water and ask “What is my creation message for the year ahead?”
Give thanks to Air and ask “What is my creation message for the year ahead?”    
Give thanks to Fire and ask “What is my creation message for the year ahead?”    
Give thanks to Spirit and ask “What is my creation message for the year ahead?”

Now ask the unified field of all of the elements and Spirit for a unified message for the year ahead.

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winter landscape

Sun Enters Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn Window: December 21 – January 20, 2015
Sun Enters Capricorn Exact: December 21 – 6:03pm Eastern

On Winter Solstice, the sun moves into the archetype of Capricorn. Capricorn functions as a tribal elder. It cares for family and the seven generations to come. This archetype is one of the reasons we choose to gather with family and those we care about during this time of year.

Capricorn energy brings the need for solid, stable plans and structures. Its purpose is for you to design and create a solid plan for the upcoming growing cycle in every area of your life.

During the next few weeks you need to be sure you create your foundation for the year ahead. It is important to dream your new growing cycle into being as a blueprint for what you choose to create.

This blueprint represents which life aspects you choose to place your intention and focus on during this growing cycle. As you create your blueprint, you don’t have to know how each item will come into being; you need only to connect to the blueprint, energize it, allow the elemental forces to inform you around it, and be in alignment with the rhythmic cycle.

The more your blueprint aligns both with you personally and with caring for the Earth, the more effective it becomes. Intentions aligned with caring for the Earth are in harmony with the natural world, and therefore, have more support from nature.

Utilizing the rhythmic timings by energizing your desires with both Winter Solstice and the Capricorn Sun will powerfully impact your experience throughout the coming year.

Apply energy to what you want to grow. How you phrase your dreams, desires, and goals is very IMPORTANT. When you state what you “do not want” you bring that into being because that is where the energy is flowing.

You want to clearly state  what you choose to bring in, and to determine the action steps that you will need to make. Then, release attachment to the outcome.  That way Spirit, as it flows into our world of form, creating with the elemental forces, can work on your behalf.

As you align your dreams and desires with the unified field of all the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, with Spirit flowing through all) sometimes an element needs to be strengthened, or an aspect of your mental beliefs or your old emotional program needs to be cleared.

Just like growing a garden in your yard, sometimes rocks and roots need to be removed or fertilizer, water, or more sun need to be added so that your flowers and veggies may thrive.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Capricorn Sun:

~ This time of year creates the foundation for the growing cycle of the year ahead. Tend to the soil of your life.
~ Attend to your physical world: body, home, garden, car, etc.
~ Apply discipline and structure where needed.
~ Make sure your home is in order for the new growing cycle.
~ Handle any completions that still need to be handled in your life as soon as possible.
~ Think through your plan for the first quarter for your life creations.
~ Create a punch list of actions that need to be taken in order for your dreams and desires to come into form.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Capricorn Sun:

~ Take 1-3 days during the Capricorn sun window to work on your business, not in your business. Spend time in quiet reflection and planning your year ahead.
~ Remember grounding your creation ideas in writing is the first step to getting them into form. Notice where you need to spend more time planning.
~ Plan well and then work your plan.
~ Develop procedures and administrative systems.
~ Take any solid grounded steps that are needed for the functioning of your year plan. Examples: Get your insurance, wills, and other foundational pieces in place. Create your yearly financial plan of both expenses and income.
~ Energize a powerful financial affirmation such as: “I am Divine Power, flowing freely, through focused intention and grounded loving action, in all my financial affairs.”
~ Make sure your office is in order for the new growing cycle. Handle any completions that still need to be done as soon as possible.


Night rural landscape at winter

Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon Window: December 20-21
Capricorn New Moon Exact: December 21 – 8:36pm Eastern

This very grounded new moon ends the year with the same dynamic call for you to create a plan as when it began. Planning sets the forces of creation in motion. You can always adjust your plan to allow for changes you see along the way, but planning will give you a firm creation foundation.

The most powerful action you can take during this new moon window is to create a grounded plan for the year and do a personal activation ceremony to anchor your plan!

The more you take responsibility for creating and designing your life and business the more effective you will be at aligning the forces of creation with your desired results. The energy of Capricorn can help you create better structures and form in any area of your life and business.
Enlist the help of Capricorn to assist you in designing and administrating systems. Develop procedures. Handle business and financial affairs effectively. Apply discipline to your physical world. Create goals and step-by-step procedures to accomplish them. Make serious commitments for success. Take care of your body. Provide support for your family and children.

This archetype considers the impact of its actions on the next seven generations. Allow Capricorn to help you design sustainable economic and Earth honoring systems for your life, business, and community. A good way to work with this energy is to ask yourself what steps you can take now to create a better world. Write down any insights you receive.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Capricorn New Moon:

~ Listen to your body wisdom by placing your awareness into your body (your personal earth).  Ask it what it needs to be more vibrant for the upcoming growing cycle. Write down what your body says and make plans to set into motion the requests.
~ Make notes on any items that need to be accomplished in order for your home, car, and garden to function effectively.
~ Create financial goals and a month-by-month strategy. Review your investment and savings plan.
~ Go for a walk outside and talk to the Earth. Ask how you can be more honoring of the environment and of the earthly things in your life. Spend time in nature.
~ Responsibly tend to all areas of your life.
~ Honor the cycle of growth and the full, ripe, organic time for something to happen.
~ Create a detailed one-year plan in these key life areas:
 – Personal
 – Health and Well-being
 – Financial
 – Social: family, friends, partners
 – Career
 – Creativity
 – Home
 – Spiritual
 – Contributions to the Community or Collective (give back)
 – Green Dreams (ways to be more Earth-friendly)
 – Other

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Capricorn New Moon:

~ Create a solid business plan and strategy for the year ahead.
~ Write out business goals in a step-by-step, month-by-month plan.
~ Review your business systems to increase their effectiveness and modify, if needed.
~ Put your business financial goals in writing for expenses, income, business growth, and product development.
~ Plan your work for the first quarter of the year, or longer, and then work your plan.
~ Fertilize the soil of your business with your awareness, time, and attention.
~ Ask yourself where you need to take more responsibility for creating the business or work life you desire. Write down any insights you receive and design a clear path for achieving your desired outcomes.

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Beautiful Girl with summer bouquet.

Southern Hemisphere

Summer Solstice

Element: Earth    
Winter Solstice Window: December 20-22
Winter Solstice Exact: December 21 – 6:03pm Eastern

Solstice means “Sun Standstill,” and Summer Solstice, in the Southern Hemisphere, brings the longest day of the year. Find time to bask in the bright abundant light summer brings and enjoy the harvest as things begin to ripen around you. This is a wonderful day to consciously witness the sunrise and appreciate the blessings the solar light and fuel bring into your life.

In your creations, Summer Solstice brings the opportunity to evaluate your progress and add needed ingredients for a successful harvest. If you’ve been working with the timings and tracking your creations, look back to see how far you’ve come. Make honoring your progress and celebrating your successes part of your Summer Solstice celebration.

As you honor the Wheel of the Year and work with it year after year, you deepen your appreciation for each phase within its cycles. Since summer is a time of heat and light, this window gives us the opportunity to enjoy the luscious taste of ripe fruit, splash in cooling waters, relax in the shade, and spend a lot of time with family and friends.

With Summer Solstice comes the ever-so-subtle shift of the days growing shorter. While it will be barely noticeable for a few months, the light gently begins its slow decreasing from this point through to Winter Solstice when it begins growing again.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Summer Solstice:

~ Honor the abundant Earth mother.
~ Create a ceremony theme around fulfillment and manifestation.
~ Feel and express your passion and vibrancy for life.
~ Work with abundance and dance to fully activate and allow the energy of abundance to flow through your body.
~ Celebrate the fairies.
~ Work with the hot summer solar fire as an element of transformation.
~ Work with and honor herbs and the green growing season.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Summer Solstice:

~ Give thanks for all that is growing in your business at this time.
~ Connect with the Summer Solstice and ask how you can increase the abundant financial flow in your business.
~ Notice what is ripening in your business. Do your creations need anything in order to nurture them to fruition?
~ Appreciate your business relationships and client tribe.
~ Spend some time in reflection about the second half of the year. Tune into what is needed during the second phase.
~ Go for a walk in the hot light of the sun, and ask how you can heat up your creations in order to spring them to light or add solar fuel to increase their growth.
~ Spend some time near water to refresh your personal energy which increases your capacity to magnetize your business desires.

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