Unleash Your Creativity & Build Your Site with WordPress

Unleash Your Creativity & Build Your Site with WordPress

I know many of you have challenges surrounding your website(s).website image

Here are some of the things I keep hearing over and over:

  • It’s so expensive to have a website built by a professional webmaster.
  • Webmasters make you wait even when you urgently in need of a little typo on your site fixed.
  • Webmasters talk in geek language that you don’t understand.

Sound familiar?

My friend, Christina Hills, teaches non-techie people how to build their websites without a webmaster.  She says the webmaster model just doesn’t work for many  entrepreneurs as it’s crucial to get stuff done fast… Otherwise, they lose money. Christina’s information has saved me time and money over and over again. I know you’ll want to hear what she has to say and experience her presentation!

 Christina has taught hundreds of non-techie people how  to easily build their websites themselves in the Website Creation Workshop. She has taught me everything I know about building my website!


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