natureTop 10 Blessings I Received from Becoming a Priestess
By Lisa Michaels
Before I entered the priestess process, I had no idea of the abundance of magical gifts I’d receive. Once I decided to become a priestess, I experienced unimaginable growth and opportunities, both in my personal life and in my business. Here are the top 10 blessings I counted up today.
Lisa Michaels High Priestess1. The inner priestess brought deeper access to my wisdom and gifts. During my high priestess initiation(image to right), the entire Elemental Forces of Creation body of work was divinely downloaded to me. I was gifted with the insight that allowed me to create the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle and to write the book Natural Rhythms. While going through the priestess process, I’ve witnessed woman after woman enrich her life with inner gifts she didn’t even know she had. Women entering the priestess process say “yes” to evolving their sacred gifts to the next level. 
2. The priestess within has an innate understanding of how archetypes function. She will develop your ability to see the situations in your life and business from an archetypal vantage point. For example, in my relationship to my husband, I needed to learn how archetypically Air and Earth create together so we could take our co-creative capacity to the next level. Through greater understanding of the archetypes, we’re consistently co-creating in ways that strengthen both our talents as well as our business collaborations.  Just take a look at the brilliant cover and illustrations Prescott did throughout the Natural Rhythms book. 
Lisa-Calling-in3. The priestess archetype has a natural connection to the elemental creation energies and helps me more fully channel the sacred into any creative form.  The gift of the priestess has helped me draw upon a richer relationship to the Divine. I now use the elemental creation energies and channel the sacred in everything I do. Through my art, music, dance and other ceremonies. How I perform within my profession, run my business, write articles and programs, and bring into form all things of creation. The elemental creation energies, when you understand them and work with them, enhance all your relationships, including guiding your energies as a mother or caregiver.
4. Priestesses understand energetic patterns and the clearing of energy. In my work as an author, speaker and coach, I encounter so many women (and men) who are stuck. And I know how that is. I’ve been there too. And, yes, I sometimes still get stuck. The difference now, though, is I now understand how to release old blocked emotions, thoughts, and energies that kept me bogged down in repeating patterns around money, sexuality, relationships, leadership, and self-esteem. 
5. The priestess helps balance the outer world of “doing” with the inner realm of “being”. Sadly, we are a society of women who feel like we have to do it all and juggle, juggle, juggle. So many women have forgotten how to trust their inner guidance. The demands of the outer world sometimes shut off the divine flow of creation energy. During the priestess process, I learned, and now teach, how to tap into the priestess energy to nourish our life force in order to sustain better equilibrium. The difference in my life is a more balanced, creative life, one that respects both the inner realm and the outer world, leading to a richer and more fulfilling life experience overall. I want that for you too! 
6. The priestess awakens my connection to the sacred rhythmic movement of the moon, sun, stars and cosmos. Before the priestess process, I had always deeply respected our Earth Mother and her four seasons. But I hadn’t fully realized how the rhythms of creation energy really do influence our successes in all things. When I got fully in tune, and synched how I live to nature’s rhythms, a natural order began to flow into and through all things I do. I now understand how important it is to honor the teachings of the priestess in sacred harmony with the auspicious times to plant, nourish, and harvest all of my life and business creations. 
7. Internally, the priestess connects me to the source of the Divine Feminine, strengthening and nourishing my feminine essence. She helps me express my deep feminine nature in sacred right relationship to my inner masculine. This is another form of balance women seek. Instead of the masculine within overpowering our inner feminine, priestess energy teaches us how to work in co-creative harmony. This makes it easier to bring forth any creation in life and business.
8. The priestess shows me how to honor my own life journey and alchemically blend and weave the tapestry of my experiences into an expanded sense of purpose. This one gift from the priestess is probably the most essential gift to me. We all know we have a life purpose, but often it’s not quite accessible to us. That is, until we enter into a formal process that helps inform what we’ve come here to co-create with the Divine. As the priestess process unfolds, so does the deeper recognition and knowing of our sacred gifts too. I’ve witnessed dozens of women embrace their own creative riches and even move into developing their unique feminine leadership skills as they’ve activated their inner priestess.
Ist Annual Priestess#2180C09. The priestess brings the ability to anchor creation intentions in ceremonies, business income generation, and calling forth the desires of your heart. Conscious creation is a skill and requires practice in the same way as embodying the grace of a ballerina. Your inner priestess assists you in stabilizing your ability to hold sacred intent until your desire emerges from the formless into form. For me, that means combining all my sacred gifts into my teachings. The priestess taught me that bringing ideas into form and then passing them along to others fulfills my heart’s desire. That’s why the facilitators and I create sacred space and hold a container for other women to join the priestess process—so women from around the globe have a way to enter and embrace the flow of the Divine like we have.
10. My inner priestess helps me stand in my Divine Feminine power in ways that assist the collective to create an Earth-honoring sustainable future. When I became a priestess, I grew into a richer relationship to the Earth Mother. I opened to access her wisdom in ways I never experienced before despite over 20 years of spiritual study and 8 years of Divine Feminine connection. The priestess archetype provided a sacred connection to a living body of work that I have been blessed to share with others. It continues to bring me riches daily.
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