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Create A Dynamic Year 2014
Kindle Version
Creation 5 Year Planner Prosperous Priestess Handbook Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle
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Comments 31

  1. kcbobbie

    Sharing your wonderful Oracle cards with friends in NM who experienced them while visiting me in KC. I continue to enjoy using them to help me balance and clarify my experience. Thank you.

  2. Betty

    I was in Atlanta for Thanksgiving too. Enjoyed being with family. I too was walking around in nature all week, we arrived on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the warm weather. Thanks Lisa.

  3. Heather

    Thank you so much Lisa! I will have to listen to the replay later tonight, as I have a coaching group this evening at that time, but I am excited to hear the wonderful insight and suggestions you have for us!

    Lots of love and gratitude for you and your work!

  4. Maria Appelqvist

    Thank you! It was my first experience of you Lisa and I’m very happy to have found you. I know your program is a great inspiration. It was such an inspirtion hearing you talking about the different elements and how that can fuel into my business. I intuitively know that this will make great contribution in my business.

  5. LiZa

    Maybe you can help me?

    I believe there is a call tonight, I thought I registered for it 2ce and I don’t have the info to log in. Am I mistaken?

  6. Lisa Michaels

    Hi Liza, Check your junk or spam folder sometimes emails end up there. The call was at noon. The replay is going now. Blessings, Lisa

  7. LiZa

    Thank you so much for your personal attention, I will catch it on replay. I love the way you facilitate and know I will enjoy it. Blessed be

  8. Lisa Hull

    Thank you Lisa for sharing your love & light. I enjoy reading your emails & listening to the meditations. You’re the true definition of a spiritual teacher & mentor. Many blessings ~ much love.

  9. Heather

    I heard the last half of your interview on the Goddess telesummit. Your Isis meditation was a powerful experience for me. I appreciate your willingness and ability to listen and share from centered wisdom. I also just purchased your Oracle Deck. I love them. My initial reaction after looking at all the cards and choosing one from each element was simply a huge WOW. Thank you for making your creations available to us! You are a gift.

  10. Judy Francis

    I made a mistake and signed up for the Oracle Deck training when what I really wanted to do was buy the half price deck without the box, which automatically signed me up for the training. I did buy the deck – so I’m on the training list twice.
    Thanks for making the Oracle Decks available! I look forward to receiving the deck and participating in the training.

  11. Maria Carrillo

    I got my Oracle Deck without the box. Thank you. Now I have to get the free Creation Kit to work on my Lap Top.

  12. Pam T

    Hi Lisa, I am loving your work and feel like it what I have been searching for. I live in the Southern Hemisphere and are wondering I was to study would it transfer over easy to my hemisphere?

    1. Lisa Michaels

      Hi Pam, Yes most of what I share will transfer to your hemisphere and although I have never lived there I am working on integrating it all the time. Blessings, Lisa

  13. JoAnna Conrad

    I appreciate you and all your creations. This year started off with Full Moon and Create a Dynamic 2014. Drawing cards offers support and clarity. I always come away with guidance. With deep gratitude and blessings to you, Lisa.

  14. Rosella Young

    Hello, Lisa. Thank you so much for all the wonderful free gifts. I am a Virgo and my husband is a Scorpio. I attribute that to his childish tantrums or outbursts every so often. I just listen to him rant and rave. It’s usually about something he doesn’t like me doing or pursuing. After a while, he calms down and all is well until it happens again. I am a grief facilitator with Hospice, so that training has helped me to facilitate the situation. It’s not a pleasant thing to go through or listen to, but it never leads to anything, except I do pay attention to what he says and sometimes I will change something so it won’t be so upsetting to him. I’m all about keeping peace in the family. So I find ways to do that. I also believe in balance. My business is my self care. It’s something just for me. My husband feels better when I balance more of my time with him. So I do. My marriage is first. My business is secondary, icing on the cake. We don’t have children so there’s no issues in that regard, thankfully. In Nov. we’ll be celebrating 34 years of marriage. We did date 11 years prior to that. So we’ve been together since we both turned 18. The joke is he’s the bachelor that didn’t want to get married. That was okay with me. I knew we would some day so I stayed around. We have a lot in common, we do a lot of things together, we like to travel together, etc. It’s the little things that get to him. He blows them out of proportion. It seems cyclical to him. So I’m hoping reading something about natural rhythms will give me some insight on how to help him break the cycle. Or, at least help me listen for it before it blows up. I’ve learned to not show my great leadership abilities around him. He doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like it when I do things better than him. It’s just the way it is. I let him be in full charge of everything when I’m around him in public. Or, even working on a project together at home. But, when I’m on my own with my business at a networking event, or doing anything else on my own anywhere, I let it out and just be myself. One time years ago, I was on a Board for a nonprofit. My husband happened to be in attendance because he wanted to wait for me. I saw his eye brows go up when I began being assertive about my role and being in the middle of a discussion. To me it was comical, but I knew he was so surprised and couldn’t hardly compose himself to keep quiet about it. Oh, yeah, we had a heated discussion about it on the way home. So what. He saw me in action. I think he misses the little girl he first met and wants her back. I’ve somehow lost that innocence attitude. I’m trying to gradually get some of it back, but it’s easier said than done. So that’s what’s going on in my life. Nothing big. I know other women who have it 10 times worse than me. So I’m not complaining. It’s just an observation.

    Thank you for your time in this matter and your time reading this long message. Take care. Happy Spring from Alaska! Rosella Young, AA-1 Designs, Invest in your shelf!

  15. Lisa Michaels

    Rosella, As women step into their power those around them often want them to go back to who they were before. That’s not possible. Learning to stand in your full feminine power and in co-creation with your partner really requires a deeply transformational process. It can be especially challenging if you have a long history of emotional patterns. Blessings on your journey.

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