Summer Solstice FREE Creation Meditation

With Lisa Michaels
June 21, 2011
7pm Eastern

Summer Solstice
, or midsummer, is the fullest point of the summer season. Occurring this year on June 21, it is the longest day and shortest night of the year. This point serves as the subtle turning point when the light slowly begins to fade.

It’s time to honor the abundance of the Earth Mother and the gift of warmth the sun brings forth. Celebrate your fulfillment, passion, abundance, and manifestation.

Your creations will be starting to ripen if you have been energetically tending to them during the cycle.

During the Summer Solstice Creation Meditation you will…

  • Tune into what else your creations need now from each element with the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle to bring you more success.
  • Infuse your creations with the additional energy needed to complete their growth.
  • Celebrate the growth your creations have made up to this point.
  • Honor this sacred timing.


During this event we will be using the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle.

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