Strategic Business Coaching

One-on-One 90 Minute Strategic Business Acceleration Planning Session

FOCUSED ON YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH with Lisa Michaels by phone or in person.

Your premium session time is designed to look deeply at your business systems, programs, marketing, and price points in order to create an exclusive strategic basic business acceleration plan for you.

Increase your business results with a CLEAR TARGETED PLAN!

The impact this strategic planning can have on your income is profound.

Your strategy session will be focused on strengthening your business path, your systems, clarifying your product/service marketing messages.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and have experienced success in three different types of businesses. Additionally, I’ve just spent the last four years learning even more about self-publishing, publishing, online marketing, online facilitation, and expert/coaching/workshop business models. There are many ways powerful ways I can assist you in taking your business to the next level if you are ready to be coached.” Lisa

“I was thrilled with my participation in Lisa Michael’s business acceleration fast-track program. I experienced incredible results, both internally and externally. Lisa is a master at integrating–inner processing work to release blocks with practical dynamic steps for success out in the world; and right brain inspiration and creativity with left brain intellect and monitoring. I love utilizing her intimate knowledge of how we can align powerfully with nature’s elements to grow abundantly. And she comes up with amazing insights fast!

I expected it would be very good when I went into our strategic private coaching session and I got spot-on brilliant. With her help I just created a fantastic new coaching program designed to give writers customized attention to birth their book or screenplay. No matter what your business is or where you are in your endeavor, I have seen that Lisa’s unique blend of wisdom, caring, intuition, business savvy and driving focus can help you take you and your business to the next level!” Mardeene Mitchell, CEO of Visionaries to Light, Inc.

“I have only been working with Lisa for a month, and already I am experiencing wonderful changes in my business. My monthly income is up 20% for starters, but more important, Lisa has shown me how to take my company to the next level – thinking BIG! I can’t wait to see the results for the second month!” Jean Adrienne

90 Minute Strategic Business Coaching Session $325.

Prepayment required. Email Lisa here to set up your appointment time and payment.

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