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How to Utilize the Elemental Forces to Boost Your Creative Success

Over 4 Powerful hours of Creation Training

Section One: Elemental Creation Connection

  • Discover the ways the elements flow through your creations.
  • Awaken your ability to call on them and receive creative guidance anytime you need it.
  • Directly connect with your essence and the rich inner source of creation.


Section Two: Dive into Earth and Water

  • Uncover the power of the feminine elemental axis to stimulate your creative potential.
  • Structure your life and business projects to successfully to bring them fully into form.
  • Apply the power of magnetization with the creative flow of success.


Section Three: Propel Your Creations with Air and Fire

  • Energize the creative process with the masculine elemental axis to direct results.
  • Learn to catch the current to propel your creations forward.
  • Harness Fire power to energize completions and visibility.


Section Four: Fertile Field of Creation Success

  • Access intention, intuition, energetic movement, body knowing, and creative essence.
  • Align the elemental forces for abundant creative fertility and financial flow.
  • Allow the power of rhythm to stimulate thriving creative output.

Come away with…
Stronger skills for calling on the elemental forces to create more life and business success.
Easy to use handouts and templates that help you receive elemental guidance and align your creations.
A deeper embodied ability to call on the forces of creation to actively guide and strength your creative abilities.

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Are you longing to have more tools to consciously create more powerful ceremonies?

If so, discover the “how to’s” and “timings” that increase the potency of your ceremonial success…

The Sacred Art of Ceremony for Life and Business Success

Over 4 hours of potent ceremony training

Section One: Understanding the Power and Art of Ceremony

  • Discover ways to use ceremony to honor milestones, transitions, and boost success.
  • Tap into ways you can utilize ceremony to energize your creations.
  • Uncover the rhythmic ceremony power points you can access for increased results.

Section Two: Utilize the Solar Success Rhythm

  • Find out the gifts of each seasonal power point in the Wheel of the Year.
  • Access tools and ceremonial tips to utilize and honor each power point.
  • Enrich your ability to navigate transformation and change by aligning with the sun.

Section Three: Lunar Creation Power

  • Allow the new moons and full moons to propel your creations forward.
  • Apply the elemental archetypes of each moon and improve life and business success.
  • Align with the lunar movements, of expansion and reflection, to create rhythmic results.

Section Four: Ceremonial Fundamentals

  • Learn the art of creating sacred space for your ceremonies.
  • Structure your ceremonies so each you can customize for any event.
  • Receive a basic ceremonial outline that you can customize for any event.

Come away with…
A deep understanding of simple ways to create ceremonies that support your life and business transitions and creations.
Easy to use handouts and templates.
Power packed success tools for aligning with the creation rhythm of the sun and moon.

A Value of $97


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Natural Rhythms Book

Natural Rhythms Book PDF

Learn how each element Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit help you consciously create your life.  Discover ways to release old emotional baggage, improve your relationships, focus your intention for creation, activate your ability to take action, and increase your ability to thrive.  Find out how to boost your creation power with the rhythm of the sun, moon and stars.  

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Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book MP3

4.5 hours of powerful teachings on the elements with Lisa Michaels.  Work with all the elements in an aligned way, so that you easily bring your desires into being.   MP3 Format.

A Value of $19.99


natures success book 3d

Nature’s Success System Book PDF

Align with the elements of nature and unlock your feminine power of creation.  Discover tools to live your life richly and fully by engaging the elemental forces of Nature and embracing the Feminine power of creation now.  Gain vital support from Nature for the organic growth of your creations and strengthen your inner abilities to powerfully expand your business and life success.

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FIRST 10 People to SIGN UP will receive the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

Instantly access the wisdom and guidance of the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.  Each element impacts a different area of life and helps you increase your inner knowing, develop deeper self-awareness, and actively expand your life expression.  Unique and Easy to use 90 card deck with 60 page guide book.

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Want to know more about working with the elements? Watch this short program on Expand Your Creative Potential.


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