Solstice Gifts

The first timing of 2013 is the Capricorn New Moon. Plan to join me for “Create a Dynamic Year 2013” and get your creations off to a powerful start.

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Enjoy your gifts and blessings, Lisa

Natural Rhythms Sacred Timings Calendar 2013 NR_Timings_Calendar2013


















These labels were created to be used on 7 day candles but have many other uses! Print as labels or on paper and enjoy!

These beautiful labels were designed by
Prescott Hill.

Click on the icon to download.

Note: These labels are designed to be printed
on Avery 6 per sheet shipping labels.

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  1. Becky Lane

    Thank you, Lisa! I learned so much from your 2012 Sacred Timings guide and I intend to use the 2013 even more actively! Becky in New Mexico

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  2. Priestess Sahara

    Thanks Lisa for sharing these 2 beautiful gifts! I am really looking forward to enjoying your Sacred Timing Calendar and your Candle Labels. Wishing you many blessings in this time of exploring Co-Creation, within this New Age of Aquarius 🙂

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