Sacred Dance of Money

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Open to receive powerful money insights and guidance from the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit). Allow the elements to take you to your next level of inner guidance so you can direct your financial flow with more clarity. Clear old energies and activate more money moxie.

Each element assists you with a certain aspect of your money relationship.19576064_s

  • Earth, come away with grounded actions to take with your finances.
  • Water, uncover more financial confidence to increase your flow.
  • Air, focus your money intentions to build a firmer financial foundation.
  • Fire, discover the rhythmic actions you need to keep your money moving.
  • Spirit, align with Divine guidance to source your sacred abundance.

This 3-hour training MOVES your money energy. It adds momentum, clarity, and inner guidance to your money actions in order to stimulate increased financial flow.

Module 1 • Available for immediate viewing
Module 2 • Available for immediate viewing


SPECIAL Bonuses included:
Nature and Your Money by Lisa Michaels and Mackey McNeill CPA
Downloadable workbook and recording 

Bonus Training •  “Fun Travel Related Income Strategy” Available for immediate viewing

Bonus • “Money Manifestation Chakra Clearing” Available for Immediate Viewing










Yes, I am ready to take my Sacred Dance of Money to the next level with this exciting program!

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melody“Oh my GODDESS!  I just have to tell you that after the Sacred Dance of Money live event, I felt so much clearer. I’d been working SO hard on my tele-summit for 2 months that I hadn’t been doing my normal marketing… and lots of clients had finished their programs and I hadn’t enrolled any new ones in 4 weeks.  

So, I’d been a little worried about how to turn that around. Well…. I just LOVED the dancing and your processes, and I left the program knowing that I’d cleared something BIG. My worry was gone and I felt confident in putting my attention on what I needed to do for the tele summit, knowing (not trusting or hoping, but KNOWING) that money was flowing to me. A few days later, a man I didn’t know contacted me, saying his friend had recommended me. We spoke on the phone. He didn’t want my 90 day program. He wanted me to fly out to where he lives to work with him and his wife for 4 days, and would $3500 be enough? “You have exactly what I need. I can feel it. And I’m ready!” Clients and colleagues are flowing in easily and it’s more fun now than ever! Thank you, Lisa!”

-Melody Lebaron

“The Sacred Dance of Money was definitely more powerful than I expected or even hoped.  I am amazed, and very grateful.  I love the way you pry the pieces apart, handle the obstacles individually, and then reassemble them into the unified flow of spirit. Truly you are helping me to reorganize the muddled thinking in my mind with elegant categories that bring me clarity and reclaim lost attention. Thank you, Creation Goddess, and you, Lisa, the loving creative woman who brings us / me such joy.

-Victoria Peters