Prosperous Priestess Handbook

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Prosperous Priestess Handbook

A Guide to Unlock the Secret Riches of Your Inner Creation Goddess

[Kindle Edition]


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Prosperous Priestess Handbook

 A Guide to Unlock the Secret Riches of Your Inner Creation Goddess


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Discover the sacred alchemical art of creating a soul-filled, spirit-rich, financially thriving Divine Feminine life and business.

Recent #1 Bestseller in Kindle Store: Goddess

Author Lisa Michaels, 2010 Hay House Mover and Shaker, shares the secrets to unlocking the power of working with the Divine Feminine, nature’s elemental forces and the wisdom of the Goddess so you can co-create a rich abundant life aligned with your unique life purpose that’s divinely inspired.

Awakening the Priestess within develops and strengthens your ability to access greater levels of prosperity, to bring your inner creation riches into the outer world of form. The process of drawing the formless into form begins internally with your deep Divine Feminine connection to source. You access it through the abundant inner well of creation.

Living your life purpose is a soul-filled creative process, an ongoing act of creation. So, the more you understand how creation functions, and the more you learn to trust in the creative process, the easier it is to uncover your life purpose, take it to the next level, and to express it fully.

Become a juicer, richer, soul-filled woman in every arena of your life as you learn to strengthen your feminine leadership abilities as well as your life and business creation skills. When you learn to honor the sacred in everything you do by directly connecting to the Divine as you go about the practical matters of life in every area—from home and family, to business and career, to community service and creative expression—prosperity flows.

Unfortunately, too many women find themselves desperately searching for something but may have no idea what it is or where to find it. The Prosperous Priestess Handbook walks you through a step-by-step discovery process that nudges you to recognize the creative urges you experience, while offering you specific guidance to co-create with the Goddess, bringing you prosperity in many forms, whether in your personal life, your career, or in your business.

When you apply your creation focus to your life and your business you can manifest some fabulous results. Examples of how women’s lives have changed from activating the archetype of the Priestess and working with the elemental forces include:

  • Attracting large sums of money.
  • Experiencing large increases in monthly cash flow.
  • Attracting love relationships.
  • Improving communication and relationships.
  • Clearing emotional blocks to pregnancy or adoption.
  • Effectively going off anti-depressants after years of being on them.
  • Aligning with life work.
  • Increasing alignment with soul purpose.
  • Accessing more creativity.
  • Finding greater levels of life balance.

The Prosperous Priestess Handbook will show you just how much your outer world reflects your inner experience. And the elemental forces will remind you how much you can impact and influence your experiences with increased awareness.

Designed to raise the level of conscious awareness you carry, each of the wisdom-filled insightful chapters ends with a tip, short assignment, or journaling exercise intended to raise your vibration and connection to purpose and passion.

As one reviewer says, the Prosperous Priestess Handbook “is an amazing simple recipe book for connecting to your inner guidance.”
The Prosperous Priestess Handbook is a mindful addition to any seeker’s library, intended especially for women who are ready to listen to the whispers of their inner soul.


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“You have a gift of stating truth in a very concise yet exquisitely profound manner”

“Hello Lisa, Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous “Prosperous Priestess Handbook”!  I just ordered it and already am so in love with it. The first couple of paragraphs in the Call of the Goddess chapter, have captured the very essence of my truth and I can hardly wait to read it all the way through! Before I delve into every chapter, I wanted to come and thank you for your kind and generous gift. I really appreciate it and YOU! You’re quickly becoming one of my favorite sistars/writers/wise women. (I bought your Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle a week or so ago and absolutely adore them, too! You have a gift of stating truth in a very concise yet exquisitely profound manner.)

With so much love and respect, Sistars of the Soul, Leesa”


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