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Dynamically Increase Your Inner Knowing & Your Direct Divine Connection

New Addition for 2014 We’ve added a Basic Program and
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with Lisa Michaels

As a priest/ess, every simple act you do from cooking a meal, creating a business, changing diapers, planting vegetables, paying bills, and working, becomes a bridge for uniting spirit and matter. When you focus and center your life on a direct connection to the Divine it enhances……your harmony, balance, peace, sustainability, creative expression, and ability to create with others. As you increase your sacred purpose and sacred power, your capacity to enhance the people and world around you, dramatically improves.

Are you ready to step up to your next level of spiritual wisdom? Is it time to deeply embrace your feminine power and authentic leadership?

Do you long to nourish your soul essence from the source of the sacred within?

Then activate the priest/ess within…

Not sure? Look at this Ideal_Priestess_Checklist to see if you have the traits!

You've read the book. Now here is your opportunity to embody the priestess archetype.
You’ve read the book.
Now here is your opportunity to
embody the priestess archetype.

Message from Lisa:Lisa calling in 2

Activating the priest/ess and high priest/ess within, opened my inner gifts in some very dynamic ways. It brought me the ability to hold space for others on a much deeper level as I helped them to call forth their inner wisdom.
As I opened to work with the high priest/ess archetype I received the entire elemental forces of creation body of work. The priestess within helped me to understand and engage the archetypal realm in more powerful ways than ever before.
When I began this process in 1997, I had been studying spirituality for well over 20 years and NOTHING had opened my inner gifts like this process did.
It helps you to activate and call forth your inner wisdom and intuition at the priestess level and then turn up the volume even more as a high priestess. Both processes are activational more than informational, although information is included.


Your inner gifts and personal creation power are needed to express your true presence in the world.

The priestess process is a lunar initiation cycles that develops your spiritual essence from the inside out. Having a spiritual mentor hold space for your journey is an integral component of this work.

I have held the field for more than 30 full priestess circles and many high priestess circles with hundreds of individual initiates over the last 13 years, something only a rare few have done. I gratefully offer the experience necessary to hold space for your transformational personal process.

According to Jessie Ayani, in her book The Lineage of the Codes of Light, the feminine mysteries were carried to Egypt, Southern France, and Peru. I’ve been on sacred activation journeys to all three places. I’ve actively studied and worked with these mysteries for many years.


IMG_0308A beautiful Initiatory path into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, for those wishing to source the deep wisdom of their own inner authority.”

~ Sharon Shreve


Heart Temple in Machu Picchu Goddess Hathor Egypt Tour de Magdalene
Rennes-le-Château France


dark priestess“The on-line Priestess Process experience was extraordinary. The energy and pure Priestess essence is always within and around you, and you can participate live or on your own. Another benefit is that you can connect to the energy of sister Priestesses worldwide. Lisa’s teachings are filled with her love and energy, live and on-line.”

~Robyn Holland


This process activates your spiritual gifts, awakens the priestess within,
and takes your inner awareness to a whole new level!

Listen to this insightful interview about the Priestess Within from Lisa Michaels… Click Here to Download the MP3 Recording Lisa-Michaels-e1366408850719