Online Priestess Circles 

Dynamically Increase Your Inner Knowing & Your Direct Divine Connection Guide Your Life & Business from the Sacred Divine Feminine Source Within!


As a priest/ess, every simple act you do from cooking a meal, creating a business, changing diapers, planting vegetables, paying bills, and working, becomes a bridge for uniting spirit and matter.

When you focus and center your life on a direct connection to the Divine it enhances...

your harmony, balance, peace, sustainability, creative expression, and ability to create with others.

Priestess Love

As you increase your sacred purpose and sacred power, your capacity to enhance the people and world around you, dramatically improves.

Are you ready to step up to your next level of spiritual wisdom?

Is it time to deeply embrace your feminine power and authentic leadership?

Do you long to nourish your soul essence from the source of the sacred within?

Then activate the priestess within…

Message from Lisa:

Activating the priest/ess and high priest/ess within, opened my inner gifts in some very dynamic ways. It brought me the ability to hold space for others on a much deeper level as I helped them to call forth their inner wisdom. 

As I opened to work with the high priestess archetype, I received the entire elemental forces of creation body of work. The priestess within helped me to understand and engage the archetypal realm in more powerful ways than ever before.

When I began this process in 1997, I had been studying spirituality for well over 20 years and NOTHING had opened my inner gifts like this process did. 

The priestess process is a lunar initiation cycle that develops your spiritual essence from the inside out. Having a spiritual mentor hold space for your journey is an integral component of this work.

I have held the field for more than 30 full priestess circles and many high priestess circles with hundreds of individual initiates over the last 16 years, something only a rare few have done and now it's time to pass the facilitation torch. I gratefully hold space for these 5 amazing facilitators to hold space for your transformational personal process.

This process activates your spiritual gifts, awakens the priestess within, and takes your inner awareness to a whole new level!  

During your training you will learn more about initiation cycles, holding space, the elemental forces of creation, alchemical transformation, and working with energetic fields.

You will connect with others who join us live on the calls and in our online temple. You will discover practical ways to apply your priestess skills in every day life.

The facilitator you choose will personally hold the inner field for your development during this program. Your intention statement resides on their altar for the duration of this process, and they will actively hold the field for you until your completion. All the while, I will be holding space for them and you.

The 2015-2016 circles have begun. These are the only priestess circles we will be doing for 2015/2016 cycle. If you are interested – read further – and feel free to contact me or any of our knowledgeable priestess facilitators with any questions you may have.

Love and blessings,

The world needs women right now in every walk of
life and business who are aligned with sacred wisdom.

In the light of the massive change rate and the serious environmental issues we are facing we need those who are willing to hold space for co-creative solutions to emerge.

Do you find yourself wondering how you can be of service?

Do you wonder where you go in a world filled with outer focused activities and often surface based relationships to find the rich depth of your inner wisdom? 


This process is for you if you feel the calling to…

  • Connect more fully with your own inner wisdom and guidance
  • Honor and respect the natural world and her rhythms.
  • Walk in balance with your inner masculine and feminine energies.
  • Deepen your connection to the Divine.
  • Ignite your inner gifts.
  • Activate more personal power.
  • Illuminate more of your sacred purpose.
  • Learn practical tools for dogma-free spiritual growth.

Activating the Priestess within helps you deepen your ability to bring the energies of the Divine into the physical realm. You will learn to open the doorway to divine energy, which is most often opened in ceremony, rites of passage, rituals, and celebrations. As a practical alchemical creation priestess you become skilled at weaving this tangible creative spiritual essence into your everyday life.

Through your training you will enhance your ability to honor the sacred in every part of life by directly connecting to the Divine as you go about the practical matters of life.

In every area of your life from:

  • Home and family
  • Business and career
  • Community service
  • Creative expression
  • You'll find this program incredibly helpful if you work with others.

Alchemical Creation Priestess Program Includes:

  • 28 modules of activations, content, and ceremonies delivered by your priestess facilitator.
  • All content calls are recorded for easy participation later. It is not required that you attend any of the live training times; however, you do want to stay fairly close to where your group is in the program. Live training calls will vary depending on the month.  Download the detailed content schedule here.
  • Spiritual Community Connection through the Online Temple “the Priestess Ning Membership Site”
  • 9 Months of Inner Realm Intention Space Holding by your facilitator.
  • Bonus Create A Dynamic Year 2016 Full Day Program – Additional $197 Value
  • Product Bonuses ~ Natural Rhythms book PDF, Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book, the Priestess Within Audio Book, and the Nature’s Success System Book PDF


Simply choose your best day and time for your circle.
You are welcome to change circles, during August or September
before the initiation ceremony, if needed.

Circles Meet Mondays @ 3:00PM Eastern

For the past 14 years, Bonnie Salamon has walked the path of the Priestess Process and connected with the Elements of Creation.  These meaningful teachings are the background for her Inner Wisdom coaching.

Bonnie has been a Priestess Process facilitator for seven years, and has assisted dozens of Priestess Initiates as they connected to their Essences and found their True Voices.
She was with them as they stepped into their roles of Emerged Priestesses. Bonnie brings her gifts of intuition, compassion, and deep listening to help clients connect with the ‘greaterness’ within.

Bonnie is also a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant and ordained minister, creatingand officiating ceremonies of a lifetime.

Meet Bonnie

Circles Meet Tuesdays @ 2:00PM Eastern

Judy Keating, M.A. Priestess Process Facilitator, has emerged as a Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Priestess through the lineage of Nicole Christine and Lisa Michaels, having apprenticed with Lisa Michaels in both the Priestess and High Priestess Process.
Judy has become an expert in Personal Development through 20 years of facilitation, study, practice and personal work. She is an in-demand public speaker, intuitive guide and gifted holder of sacred space. She is drawn to facilitate this work in particular, due to the pristine nature of this powerful process. 
Judy serves with the certainty that every person has their own unique expression of the divine and her spirit nurtures the safety of the group container while she encourages daring in each participant’s growth and process.

Meet Judy

Circles Meet Fridays @ 12:00PM Eastern

Kathy Daugherty, MS, Cht has been guiding women to tap into their Body Wisdom for 30 years. She is a Reiki Master and Master Energy Healer, Ceremonial Pipe Carrier, Ceremony Leader, ordained minister and Alchemical High Priestess.

Kathy owns Celestial Forest Learning and Celestial Forest Energy School where she trains in several healing modalities.

She helps individuals listen to their body's guidance to improve their health, wealth, business and life.

Meet Kathy

How to know if the priestess process is right for you?

  • First, follow your intuition.  You will feel drawn to activate the archetype or simply know it is the right time for you.
  • If  you desire more clarity, take your question to the dreamtime.
  • Call on the Divine Mother before going to sleep and ask for guidance.
  • Sleep on it for 3 nights.
  • Pay attention to your waking insights each day.
  • Follow your inner guidance.

The Priestess Journey began September 2015

Registration closed at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can not make the program times live?
What if I can't complete the Priestess Circle?
Need help covering your program investment?
What have others said about the Priestess Program?

Registering for this Program Acknowledges that You Agree with the Following Disclaimer and Release:
By registering for this process I acknowledge that the priestess  program is  for personal growth and not for medical, psychological or mental treatment. I also acknowledge that I am of sound mental health and I am capable of taking full responsibility for holding the container for my own process. Additionally, I take responsibility for obtaining therapeutic assistance for myself if the need arises at anytime during the process. 
I also acknowledge that no implied or expressed warranties have been made as to the results of this process. Moreover, I hereby specifically represent that I am under no medical, mental, or other disability nor have any other reason that may impair my ability to participate, comprehend or healthily utilize the exercises, content, or material in this program. Registrant WAIVES any and all rights of action against Lisa Michaels, supporting facilitator and Michaels Hill INC –its employees, agents, and contractors — associated in any way with said program.  All content is copyright Lisa Michaels, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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