Income Boosting Facilitator Package



Includes these Powerful Programs…

1. Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business

2. Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Certification

3. Conscious Dance Facilitator Training

4. BONUS: Sacred Dance of Money



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Start Your Certification Training Now!

Become a Natural Rhythms Certified Creation Coach

Live In-person Training Bonus Events!

with Lisa Michaels

Start using the tools of nature to help others create success
and powerfully build your business.

Discover how becoming a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach can help you…

  • Grow a thriving high five to six-figure business and beyond.
  • Assist your clients in knowing their life purpose and creating
    soul-filled success.
  • Navigate challenging times with much more grace and ease
    (teach your clients to do the same).
  • Create your deepest heart-centered life and business dreams and desires.
  • Step into to your next level of divine feminine leadership.

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All Programs Below are Pre-recorded and
Available for Your Immediate Training

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Planetary Complexes
& Your Priestess Creation Power

Learn the Critical Ways the Planets of Initiation Influence
Your Soul Intent

With Lisa Michaels and Cayelin Castell

This event will dynamically boost your capacity to align your creations with the rhythms of the planetary bodies and bring your desires into being!

UniverseYou will…

Discover your astrological chart alchemy.

Learn how the planetary complexes impact
your creation ability.

Find out how the complexes influence your
inner sacred marriage.

Discover new ways to work with the intent
of tapping into your unique creative offerings.

Experience a planetary initiation honoring ceremony.

Online Program

woman_cliff_iStock_000013973266XSmall copy

You will uncover…
8 vital archetypes that comprise your
inner goddess and creation team

How to enliven your inner goddess
How to get your creation team working
together to increase your prosperity

Each elemental player’s contribution
to the overall success of your creation team

Ways the elements each view prosperity
and passion differently and how that
effects your ability to thrive

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Flipped woman computer

Online Facilitation Secrets 2.0

Learn the Basics of Teaching Online with Accelerated Learning Principles and Increase Your Income & Influence

Join me for this powerful online program if you are ready to…


  • Release your technology fear and move to the next level with your online teaching/facilitation.
  • Learn the basics of the simple systems you need in place to run your online teaching business.
  • Increase your income and influence with online training no matter what your area of expertize.
  • Expand your ability to help your participants master a subject with accelerated learning.
  • Discover the secret strategies you need for online facilitation success.

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Lisa moneygoddess imageActivate Your Inner Money Goddess

Practice standing in your feminine money power!

Your inner money Goddess is the part of you that helps you stand in your financial power making economic and life choices from your authentic feminine core.  Activate Your Inner Money Goddess will help you to create a clear, clean, and current relationship with money, that includes the co-creative collaboration and cooperation between your inner feminine and inner masculine, stabilizes your ability to fully claim your feminine financial power. 


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expert Series Bundle product
Expert Series Bundle

Instant access to 8 tele-interviews, 9 one-hour presentations with slides with the Natural Rhythms experts and Lisa Michaels, and Nature’s Success System PDF ebook.

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 photodune-1534388-money-falling-from-the-moon-xs-300x289Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business

“I believe strongly that it is time for women to step into their rightful place as business and economic leaders guided by their Divine Feminine essence.” Never before have so many women been poised for this movement or the feminine gifts been so needed on our planet.

One of the ways I feel women are being called into action is they feel a deep desire to create a Divine Feminine heart-centered, nature-honoring, profitably thriving business. Are you one of those women?


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29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace:
Transforming Fear
through the Power of Love

In this special 29-day transformational program Lisa will walk you through many of the frustrations and stumbling blocks that people encounter along their life journey and will supply you with soul tools to help create success.  No matter what level of creation grace you are currently experiencing this 29 days program will help you “take to the next level.”

This program is designed to fit into busy lifestyles in a way that will help you bring more awareness and grace to your creation abilities. You will receive an email each day with a quick yet powerful 4 to 29 minute audio teaching to assist you in creating a flourishing grace-filled life. All of the audios and transcripts are posted on a password-protected web page for easy access, making it simple for you to catch up or review at any time.

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Lisa sacred dance  banner virtual onlySacred Dance of Money

Open to receive powerful money insights from the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit). Allow the elements to take you to your next level of inner guidance so you can direct your financial flow with more clarity. Clear old energies and activate more money moxie.

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