Learn the Basics of Teaching & Marketing Online
with Accelerated Learning Principles
and Increase Your Income & Influence

Dear Facilitator, Teacher, Coach, and Expert,

Are you looking for something that will take your business, promotion, and marketing skills to the next level? Something powerful that will increase the people you help and the income you generate?

I’ve been a teacher/facilitator for most of my adult life. I’ve quite effectively taught in all sorts of subjects and facilitated in many different settings over the years but  I knew in order to have greater outreach I needed to also go online.

The problem was…

  • I knew nothing about it,

  • I was seriously technologically challenged,

  • I could only find scattered pieces of information
    about doing it,

  • Most of what I found was pretty dry,

  • And they did not use accelerated learning
    techniques (which had great results in person).

So I went on a learning quest. It took HOURS of time to research, digest, implement plus the price of a small house in training fees and I now have mastery and loads of experience.

I’ve had lots of requests for training from others and this is the first time in several years I’ve offered this program and it’s full of fresh discoveries. With all my experience I now know what to do that works! I can help save you thousands of hours and just as many dollars by providing you with a simple step-by-step instruction on how to do your own online programs and increase your marketing success with online tools.

Now when I facilitate I have people attend from all over
the US, Canada, and often as many as 30 other countries! 

Not only has it increased my income it has impacted my visibility.

Online facilitation and marketing has a powerful reach and solves serious time and environmental issues and is great for boosting your in-person trainings.

My complimentary programs consistently have participants
attending from all over the world!

  • The first year I learned how to facilitate online I had an in-person workshop scheduled and it snowed in Atlanta. Instead of needing to cancel the workshop I took it online and we did the event, the attendees loved not having to reschedule!
  • Additionally women who want to share this work with their partners can do it in the comfort of their own home instead of needing to talk them in to attending a live event.
  • I’ve also heard from those with small children or who are caring for the elderly that this is the only way they could attend my workshops! I use online programs to enhance my in-person workshops, boost my promotional capacity and enhance my client’s experience when they don’t want to travel.

Don’t wait another minute to add this
powerful technique to your business tool belt!

“Lisa Michaels’ program looked so good that I broke a “no more classes” promise to myself to sign up! When I saw what Lisa was offering, I knew it was perfect for creative, intuitive business owners like me.

This program shifted my perspective, grounded my business and sparked the changes I’d been yearning for. In the first class, Earth gave me the clear message, “Get your house in order.” I knew it was time to ground my business in strong structures and systems so it would be ready for the growth ahead. With this motivation and clarity, it took a surprisingly short time to get things done.

I now have binders for each segment of my creative living business, folders for each project, a way of tracking current projects, a brand new schedule and I’m loving it! Thank you, Earth and Lisa for that breakthrough!”

-Jamie Ridler
Jaimie Ridler Studios

One of the huge benefits is that your training can be recorded
and available for your participants even if they can’t make the time you choose.
This absolutely increases your ability to reach people and meet their training needs.

Join me for this powerful online program if you are ready to…

  • Release your technology fear and move to the next level with your online teaching/facilitation.

  • Learn the basics of the simple systems you need in place to run your online teaching business.

  • Increase your income and influence with online training no matter what your area of expertize.

  • Uncover some fresh ways to market online even if you are delivering your training in-person.

  • Expand your ability to help your participants master a subject with accelerated learning.

  • Discover the secret strategies you need for online facilitation success.

“I am thrilled with the results of using the accelerated learning techniques especially most recently for a workshop I gave in Canada. I am loving all the cool stuff I learned from Lisa and how it helped me to do a fun and well-received event!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" 

Cayelin K Castell

In These Six Easy to Implement Modules
You’ll Learn Everything You Need!

Module 1

Vital Mind Set & Basic Skills of Online Facilitation

  • Discover the ways you, as the facilitator, impact your online teaching success.
  • Uncover the critical differences between in-person and online facilitation while you learn the secrets to powerful online workshops and marketing.
  • Begin mastering the strategic skills and thinking needed to create a profitable online facilitation experience.
  • Not only learn the technical details, but I’ll help you uncover the importance of holding your vibrational frequency when you transmit over the airwaves.

Module 2

Step-by-step “how to” of the technology systems you must have in place for everything to run smoothly.

  • Learn the basics of all the systems you need to have in place and know how to use to effortless produce international programs, as affordably as possible. 
  • Shave years and thousands of dollars off your learning curve when I share with you the simple tools it took me years to pull together for a dynamic profitable online facilitation business.
  • Clarify what systems and equipment you need depending on where you are in the growth of your business.

Module 3

Discover ways to apply and increase your results with Accelerated Learning.

  • Find out why accelerated learning techniques are just as vital to you online as they are off line for your content retention and implementation.
  • How to chose the most effective online classroom for your program offering.
  • Best ways to organize your program, materials, and client follow-up.

Module 4

Fill your events and grow your platform with these secret strategies and tips.

  • Learn how marketing on the internet is different than in person and discover the skills tools you need to be effective.
  • Discover ways to get the word out about your program and strategically growing your email list.
  • I’ll reveal the types of offers that produce the best economic results.

Module 5

What you must know for a successful online launch.

  • Find out how the package, pricing, and bonuses motivate your clients to invest in your programs.
  • Uncover how your emotions can derail your training completely or help you magnetize financial success.
  • Learn what to do step-by-step to create a powerful training launch, including the best ways for you to accept payments.

Module 6

Putting all the pieces together to increase your income and influence with online facilitation.

  • Multiply your marketing success with these additional strategies.
  • Allow each of the elemental realms –Earth/Physical, Water/Emotional, Air/Mental, Fire/Action, Spirit/Soul– to support your online facilitation in impactful ways so you can create dynamic results.
  • Pull your program strategy together and expand your online outreach.

Come away from these 6 modules with the tools, skills, and templates you need
to take your teaching online, help more clients, spread the word about your business,
grow your list, and increase your income and influence!

All the training models are recorded so you can watch anytime and review later if needed.

Working with Lisa Michaels online, on the phone, and in-person has much greater value than any financial investment You could ever make. Lisa creates and holds wonderful space where we find our own Creation Being inside of ourself and assist Her and allow Her to emerge.

Lisa is a very smart and savvy business woman, dancer, and creator with tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and awareness who gently and powerfully guides You to You, The One who now has what they require to do whatever they choose...

Carylanne Tracey

Everything I will be sharing this program will save you lots of money and HOURS AND HOURS of technological learning!

The VALUE of this package is tremendous for what it can do -- when you apply it to grow your business.

You need only 3-4 people in a $97 program to recoup your full pay investment. You can easily generate much more when you understand the systems and know how to implement them step-by-step.

I really do understand the fear you can feel when you embark on a new course of learning to grow your business, especially when it is technical. And because I understand, I can fully support your process of learning in ways that will help you cross from novice to confident, so you can really assist your clients in many new ways.

Many abundant blessings and much love,

"What I appreciated about Lisa's online facilitation training is that she shared her challenges with the process, as well as her breakthroughs. This was both encouraging and inspiring, especially for someone with technical phobia. It was well worth the effort!"

Sally Bartolameolli

It's time for you to spend time working “ON” your business
and not just “IN” your business so you can take it to the next level.

YES!! I'm ready to learn the powerful
"Online Facilitation Secrets" program!!

When I enroll in this special program “Online Facilitation Secrets", I understand that my registration entitles me to receive the following benefits:

  • 6 Training modules, taught personally by Lisa Michaels all dedicated to helping you thrive as an online facilitator.
  • Continuous replay’s of all the presentations for a full year in case you want to hear any section again.
  • The basic training for the easy to learn technologies that you need to run your online classes. You can use these for any program you create and present!
  • Foundational instruction in the business systems you need for this business model to function well.
  • Accelerated learning for online. Understand what to do as a facilitator in this platform.
  • Simple templates, scripts, to help you run your online business easily.

"I just wanted to tell how wonderful the online workshop was. You are a wonderful facilitator. The structure of the workshop and working with the elements were lovely. I see them from a new perspective and am blessed by their gifts.”


ONLY $297

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be more than satisfied with the information in "Online Facilitation Secrets". So after a full year of working with this material and fully implementing it in your life, if you're not 100% delighted with the information provided – just let me know, and I’ll arrange to credit your investment for a program that may fit your needs.

You have my word on it!

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