New Moon in Aries

Feuerfeen - Fire faysAries New Moon Meditation
with Lisa Michaels & Cayelin Castell

Element: Fire

Window: March 29-31

Exact: March 30

This new moon says take action NOW. Pay attention to where in life you need some fuel for growth and apply the action energy of Aries. Walk, run, or dance – just move. Get outside and play. Use the energy you generate to take aligned action on your intentions.

Tune into Aries during the new moon window and ask what needs to be done that maybe you haven’t thought of yet. Take time to fire up anything in your life that needs extra energy. Make decisions and then take action.

Also notice with Aries if there is any place your fire needs to be contained or balanced. Are you running over people? Burning yourself out? Is there any place you are out of control? What do you need to do to balance fire effectively in your life right now?

In terms of your creations the most powerful action you can take during the new moon in Aries is to do what needs to be done as quickly as possible. Take action! Energize your intentions. This is a very potent time to start something new or get an area of your life or business revved up.

Personal Action Suggestions for Aries New Moon:

  • Get in motion, energizing your body.
  • Schedule time to PLAY and then go do something fun.
  • Notice where in life you need to be more yourself; then express your individuality.
  • Start a new project or move one forward.
  • Connect to your inner warrior and ask where it needs to take action.
  • Build a well contained fire indoors or out, and as it gets going, sit and reflect with it, asking where you need to apply greater levels of fire energy in your life. Journal.
  • Make an action list of things you need to get done and start doing them.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Aries New Moon:

  • Accomplish tasks to take your business to the next level.
  • Decide where you need to apply energy in your business, to actively lead and direct it.
  • Notice where you need to get a “move on it” in your business or profession.
  • Connect to ways you need to apply the light of fire to make your business more visible.
  • Create an action plan for the next few months for your professional life.
  • Determine the ways your business needs to be fueled and apply those insights.
  • Ask yourself how you can make your business more fun.

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    I just listened to the Aries call and loved it! It really sparked my own inner Fire, and helped me to become even more clear on what it is I would like to create. Thank you as always, Lisa and Cayelin!

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