Natural Rhythms Book

Amplify Your Capacity to Create

“Learning from the forces of nature helps us to deepen our inner gifts and skills, as well as express our increased co-creational abilities in the outer world. Natural rhythms will encourage you to develop a relationship with nature. Not only will learn about the elements of our great mother earth, you will learn how to implement their properties into your life to create a reality you have always wanted. Michaels includes wonderful easy to use exercises that will wake up your spirit and you will discover your connection with your elements of mother nature. Ultimately resulting in an abundant spirit and life!” Robin Marvel



  • Discover ways to release old emotional baggage, improve your relationships, focus your intention for creation, activate your ability to take action, and increase your ability to thrive.
  • Deepen your alignment with the natural rhythmic cycles of the sun, moon, and stars.
  • Move your life into greater levels of health and wellness, creativity and wholeness, and inner peace and balance.
  • Open to the guiding insights of the natural world and begin dancing your life to profound levels of aliveness.
  • Keep this powerful reference book on hand to help effectively work with the elements and time your creations to the rhythms of nature.

As you work with this book, begin with an honoring expression of appreciation to the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit). Ask them to reveal their guiding wisdom to you as you open to learn from their teachings. You will find by doing this you have a very different experience reading the book than if you approach it with your intellect alone. Blessings on your journey, Lisa

Manifest your dreams, goals, and desires by aligning with one of your most powerful teachers — the force of nature.


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What people are saying about Natural Rhythms….

“This book reminds me of Carolyn Myss’s The Anatomy of the Spirit in that it elegantly and concisely draws the connections to the natural rhythms of the earth and to individuals. The author carefully constructs the foundation and then builds upon it. It is an inspiring invitation to connect oneself with the earth and with life itself.” Cathy Thomas

“…We want to allow ourselves to unfold, to let our magnificent, radiant selves shine in the world and to create all that we are meant to create…”

“This is what each one of us longs for deeply and soulfully. Through Natural Rhythms Lisa Michaels offers us a powerful workbook, playbook and companion for living a full, passionate and creative life. She gently challenges us to consciously choose to face and unpack our blocks and to claim our most creative and expressive selves … to live courageously and honestly … to be present to the movement and dance of the elemental forces in each moment of our lives … to accept and then to fully claim our co-creational capabilities and responsibilities.” Lynette McCormack

“Natural Rhythms provides an over-arching structure to looking at the wheel of the year, the phase of the moon and the cycle of life. I am moved to gratitude and joy by the simple grace and beauty of this book.” Dr. C.Harsh

“Lisa Michaels’ goal is to educate and guide humanity to dance to the tune of its true inner potential. Get ready! With this book you’ll find yourself making extraordinary moves and doing wondrous things.” William Henry Investigative mythologist, author, and co-host of “Dreamland” radio program

“What a beautiful expression of how connecting to life through the natural essence of the masculine, feminine, earth, air, fire, water and the 12 zodiac archetype energies we dance the dance of our very soul’s longing. This book although it has plenty of “information”, it’s truer purpose is to guide you to fully live your uniqueness and have that uniqueness heightened by being in harmony with life. The world is a better place because of this sacred creation.” FMS

“Lisa Michaels has created an incredible book that introduces the elements in a grace filled unique way that allows each reader to find the wisdom for themselves. This book is filled with knowledge, action steps and ways to bring the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit into relationship with you right where you are. The illustrations by Prescott Hill are stunningly beautiful and enhance this incredible text adding further dimension to the journey you travel as you read this book. The layers of this material invite repeat readings. The more you learn the more you uncover. This is not just an informative book, it is a creative dance of interaction that enlivens your experience of the material.” Judy Keating

“Lisa Michaels conveys the wisdom of the elements in this book with clarity and gives a very respectful frame work with which to work with them. I really liked that this book can meet each Reader where they are. Yet, I am sure that each Reader will be surprised by the timeless depth of these teachings and their relevance permeating the real world we live in today. Lisa Michaels has outlined the boundless potential available to ALL who choose to use this wisdom and transform their lives.”
Donna M. Richardsen

“The book Natural Rhythms begins with a creation story and ends with a letter of blessing from the author. The pages between are teachings of the energy archetypes that grace indigenous religions as well as many contemporary spiritual journeys . Ample exercises throughout the book allow you to understand how these energy archetypes express in your life; and how they can help you create, heal, and become all you can be. Natural Rhythms is a highly effective tool for embracing and co-creating with the natural forces that swirl around us and within us.” Sabra Bowers

“Through Lisa Michaels’ perspective, it is possible to make new, meaningful connections to Spirit. Her presentation of the Elements is a pathway to connect on the inner and outer realms to my physical world (Earth), my feelings (Water), my thoughts and intentions (Air), and my life force (Fire). What wonderful companions and helpmates on my journey! I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to delve into the natural world with an eye toward new opportunities to grow and transform!” Bonnie Salamon