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Divine Masculine & Feminine

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  1. ladytiegue

    Wow growing up with 7 brothers, no sisters, I know all about the macho male energy. This made me cry so much pain out of my soul that I have been holding without knowing I was. Hearing all those beautiful men speak in such a heartfelt and caring way touched my heart, exactly what I needed to continue my journey of healing and wholeness; releasing all constructs and beliefs I’ve picked up along the way in my 3D journey here. Thank you Lisa, you are such a beautiful soul and help so many people to heal. Love and Blessings to you always, Maire

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  3. Diana

    In the late spring oif 2016 I found myself asking, Why am I so angry at men? Why have I carried so much grief, anger, depression and hurt in my heart through most of my 65 years? In August 2016 I received a healing of my heart from the exquisite performance of a Spanish song poetically translated as “Without You” by 2 men ( the dlder 90 years and the younger 65 years) on their electric 7-stting guitars. A few weeks later Ibkesrned from an intuitive reading that the younger man had been my husband in a past life and gtossly mistreated me, as well as other wonen. This music was his act of contrition for all that. My healing was a healing if the colkective Divine Feminkne. My assignment becane forgiving him each day and likewise to begin to forgive (give forth/ release/let go) the Masculine embodied by all men for all they have done against women. And to ask all women to do the same i.e. release their pain and anger, not insist the the Masculine must first acknowledge and apologize for its misdeeds. As the Feminibe creates that healed space between them, the Masculibe will come to offer his contrition and change his way. And all will become Oneness again.

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