IMG_0215The mission of Natural Rhythms™ is to assist individuals and groups to better understand themselves, the world around them, and their capacity to create by deepening their connection to nature.

At the core of our commitment as facilitators and a learning institution resides the belief that individuals evolving a deeper connection to their sacred inner wisdom and truth express their essence more richly in life. This allows us to expand our ability to honor others truths and the various paths we have to the Sacred Source, collectively discovering increased ways to live in harmony with all life.

Natural Rhythms teaches an unbiased alignment with nature that speaks to everyone, no matter what your race, gender, creed, caste, sexual orientation, or religious practice. Whatever your cultural connection to nature is, this universal language can be felt, heard, and seen by all. This ancient wisdom helps you reconnect to the source and roots of your own empowerment.” Cherie Lyon, Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator

As an organization, Natural Rhythms commitment to giving back has provided opportunities to contribute our time or a portion of our resources, over the years, to:
– Multiple Women’s Shelters
– Winter Supplies for the Homeless
– Disaster Relief Food Drive
– Breast Cancer Research
– The Nicole Christine Living Memorial Fund
Sacred Dance Guild


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