Life Creation 101

Create nature-aligned prosperity in your life and business!


Is it time for you to learn step-by-step how to create nature-aligned prosperity?
Are you ready to discover how to work with and receive potent guidance from the elements?
Do you long to dance with the rhythms of the natural world to manifest with grace and ease?
Are you ready to claim the power to create a thriving life and business?

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Dear one,

I’m so excited that you’ve landed on this page!

In 1999, I was divinely downloaded this sacred and amazing body of work. I’ve personally experienced astonishing results from aligning my creations with the natural world.  And, I’ve witnessed thousands of others experience the same benefits!

For many years I taught these concepts in 12 in-person weekends, but for the last few years it’s only been available in the Natural Rhythms Creation Coach certification program.

Over the past year, I’ve been asked so many times, “how do I get started working with the elements?” I finally realized this foundation training was missing for most people.

While the creation coaches were getting it and having tremendous success helping others–the core teachings, the clearings, and the powerful activations simply weren’t available for purely personal use.

So based on all the principles of Natural Rhythms I started designing a new, easy to digest, and instantly apply format for these core teachings just for you…




sag.moonLife Creation 101 is for you if you…

  • Feel emotionally drained, burned out, out of touch, depressed, and down right empty.
  • Fiercely crave the nourishment of feminine ways of being.
  • Actively want to work in co-creative partnership with the masculine principle from a grounded juicy feminine perspective.
  • Want more out of life, you just don’t want to achieve it in the old way.
  • Choose to strengthen your self-esteem and find your feminine voice and power.
  • Desire to learn more about applying the principles of the organic natural world and creation to your leadership in order to support the environment and the generations to come.
  • Actively seek new models of cooperation, collaboration, growth, guidance, and focus.
  • Long to use you intuition, emotions, and relationship skills in life and business in as many ways as you use your head to think things through.
  • Aspire to be successful and wealthy as well as live in harmony and right relationship with the natural world.
  • Choose for your passion, purpose, and prosperity to be replenished in ways that fulfill you.
  • Yearn to rediscover your innate power of creation and authentic feminine leadership skills.

Life Creation 101 calls to those from all sorts of careers paths, lifestyles, as well as ethnic and spiritual backgrounds.

beautiful sexy woman on the natureBenefits you will experience from Life Creation 101. You will…

  • Begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways.
  • Observe your personal and professional relationships and communications improving as you understand the elemental energies found in Nature.
  • Create more inner harmony and balance by aligning with both active and receptive energies.
  • Direct your intention for health and wellness in naturally supportive ways.
  • Find your purpose and passion expanding as you fully express your essence.
  • Strengthen your authentic leadership abilities as you nourish your inner feminine.
  • Dynamically direct the creation energies of your business and life for organic success.
  • Develop your inner abilities to expand your natural personal power.
  • Become more effective in each realm: physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual.

Life-changing! I loved every moment of this amazingly in-depth but doable approach to calling my creations into form.


Lisa,  I’ve been meaning to write to you to thank you. I came across your teaching in an interview on a tele-summit last year. Having always had an affinity for nature, I was really drawn to your teachings. I bought several of your books and started studying them to understand the elements better. Then earlier this year, I started Life Creation 101 to develop a deeper connection with the elements. I was not prepared for how deep this work would take me. When I began the section on Water, I started getting so many insights and how I react to situations and often suppress emotions. For me too it has been an intense experience of clearing, a lot of this year. Thank You for all that you do. I find so much wisdom in everything you write and say and this has been an enjoyable journey.  


“As an Ob-Gyn Physician, I use the natural rhythms of the wheel of the year and the moon almost daily in my professional life. The cycles of initiation and growth followed by rest and renewal are powerful tools for women’s education and empowerment. Whether I’m framing a discussion on PMS or fertility or menopausal symptoms, I find there is wisdom to share in the Natural Rhythms and Elemental teachings.”
~Claudia Harsh, MD

“The elemental teachings through Natural Rhythms has given me a wonderful model to help my clients understand how to grow their wealth in alignment with natural world.”
~Mackey McNeill, CPA

Lalli Meera


“The way you structured the Life Creation 101 program is so potent. Much, much appreciation for the care you put into everything you do!”
~ Lalli Meera

Leslie s Headsho-0008
Natural Rhythms has helped me deepen my connection to my body. The value of aligning the body with the elements is hard to describe. I will say, at a time when life is moving very fast and it can be hard to keep up with the natural pace of the world, slowing down to connect with the elements helps me move into the world with ease and grace.”
~Leslie Clayton, Founder and director Body Awareness Studio





Client Creation Results Over the Years Include:

  • Attracting large sums of money.
  • Experiencing large increases in monthly cash flow.
  • Attracting love relationships.
  • Improving communication and relationships.
  • Clearing emotional blocks to pregnancy or adoption.
  • Effectively going off anti-depressants after years of being on them.
  • Aligning with life work.
  • Increasing alignment with soul purpose.
  • Accessing more creativity.
  • Finding greater levels of life balance.

Life Creation 101 Program Format:

The program contains the power-packed concepts and activations from the full 12-weekend program and at the same time is something very digestible so you can do it simply and easily from home.

You’ll discover each of the tools you need to dance with creation step-by-step.

Seriously, I was a ballet teacher for many years before I began this work so I know how to layer in what you need to know in a very organized and progressive manner. Follow the teachings and you’ll be gracefully dancing with creation in no time!


Includes 101 activations and teachings on 3-35 minute videos, plus handouts, and worksheets! 

  • Elemental Power Activations
  • Ecstatic Expression Activations
  • Exercises for Elemental Connections
  • Elemental Development
  • Trainings on the Astrological Archetypes
  • How to Design You Life
  • How to apply the principles to your prosperity and business
  • And Much Morexxxxxxxxx


All of the audios, handouts, and worksheets are posted on a password-protected web page for easy access, making it simple for you to digest at your own pace or review at any time.

Take the program at your own pace!

You’ll receive your initial email to get you into the classroom and then you’ll receive an email every two weeks for the New Moon’s and Full Moon Laser Coaching. Everything will be in the classroom for you to access any time you want to activate another elemental skill!

Certificate of Completion

Easily keep track of your program progress and submit your tracking sheet at the end to receive a certificate of completion!

Tammy_Huber_Wilkins“Attending Lisa Michaels’ workshops has awakened a deep, wise, powerful and intuitive part of myself that was asleep. I have manifested things I never before thought possible and I feel more alive and vibrant. Lisa is a delightful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and models how to be fully present with another human being with deep compassion. What I have learned from her has made my life more, juicy!”
~Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD

Chantal2“The wisdom teachings of the elements have given me a deeper perspective through which to view every aspect of business and life. Through Natural Rhythms I am keenly aware of nature’s timing and my own timing of expansion and contraction. With this understanding I am capable of maximizing every life experience.”
~Chantal Debrosse

Helen Magers“Working with the natural elements through Natural Rhythms has enriched my personal and professional life. As a mental health professional I use the powerful the elements to assist clients in finding the source of pain they are experiencing, to solve issues they are struggling with and to experience the wonderful gifts of the natural world.”
~Helen Magers, LPCC

Alice Photo smaller“Life Creation 101 has opened up so many deep insights into working with the elements. I have connected at a profound level with the sacred power of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. I work with the elements in astrology, however Lisa Michael’s elemental world has expanded my understanding of the mystery and wisdom of the rhythms of nature. The concepts are also very grounded (Earth) so that I was able to apply the ideas on a very practical level in my business and life.” `

~ Alice Scott

While you’ll be able to apply everything you learn to your life, business, and prosperity creation this training is for your personal use only. It serves as the foundation for all our certification trainings. You need this program first!

Going forward all our certification trainings will require the pre-requisite of this training with your certificate of completion.

Q & A

Feel free to send me a question about this program and I’ll answer it for you and include it here. Email me at I’m happy to answer your questions.

Q: Is there a window of time that I have to complete the videos?

A: Take as long as you need to complete the videos! Sometimes you’ll find with a certain element that you need to stay there a while to really explore what it is sharing with you. This program format gives you the chance to do that. And you’ll receive laser coaching support all along the way no matter how long it takes you to complete.

Q: I am very interested in the Life Creation 101 program but I am wondering about what you think about doing the program while being in the Priestess Process – too much expansion at once?  Or will one deeply support the other?

A: Doing Life Creation 101 while in priestess is a great combination and they absolutely support one another.


Program Investment

When this program is offered in-person over 12 weekends at $200 per weekend the full investment is $2400. 

And it’s worth every penny and then some.  

But I wanted to make this program so affordable you simply can’t say no.

After all this is the foundation creation teachings and activations and
I want as many people as possible world-wide to have affordable access to them.


Program purchase ONLY available til May 14
as we will be starting a new membership program this will be part of.

Invest in Full Regularly Only $137!

Full Program Value $2400.

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Only 4 monthly payments:
First payment $37, then three additional payments of $37 each.
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This course is power-packed with information and activations.

I promise this course will be WELL worth your time and modest investment.

My Personal 100% Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be more than satisfied with the information in Life Creation 101″ So if after a full year of working with this material and fully implementing it in your life, if you’re not 100% delighted with the information and activations provided – just let me know, and I’ll arrange to refund your investment. ~Lisa

You have my word on it!

Please be assured that this online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received you will get an electronic receipt and instructions in just a few minutes. If for any reason you do not receive this information within 24 hours please email us. Don’t miss it, at this affordable price.

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P.S. Remember, you’re investing in “Life Creation 101” at absolutely NO RISK to you. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain with the wealth of information and activations I’m including so register now below.


Invest in Full Regularly Only $137!


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Invest Over Time

Only 4 monthly payments:
First payment $37, then three additional payments of $37 each.
Total $148.


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