Income Boosting Facilitator Package


Includes these Powerful Programs…

1. Create A Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business

2. Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Certification

3. Conscious Dance Facilitator Training

4. BONUS: Sacred Dance of Money



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Start Your Certification Training Now!

Become a Natural Rhythms Certified Creation Coach

Live In-person Training Bonus Events!

with Lisa Michaels

Start using the tools of nature to help others create success
and powerfully build your business.

Discover how becoming a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach can help you…

  • Grow a thriving high five to six-figure business and beyond.
  • Assist your clients in knowing their life purpose and creating
    soul-filled success.
  • Navigate challenging times with much more grace and ease
    (teach your clients to do the same).
  • Create your deepest heart-centered life and business dreams and desires.
  • Step into to your next level of divine feminine leadership.

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Elemental Forces of Creation
Oracle Reader Certification

This online course gives you all the done-for-you tools, template, handouts, and training you need to become a clear oracle reader for the elements of creation – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Lisa Michaels will also share her special expertise as a creation coach and workshop leader to help you build your own successful oracle card reading practice.

Your individual clients and workshop participants will be thrilled when the elemental forces guide them to answer their life and business questions. Upon successful fulfillment of the certification requirements, you’ll be awarded a Natural Rhythms™  Oracle Card Reader certificate as a download. You’ll also receive a special Natural Rhythms™  Oracle Card Reader icon for your website to let visitors know that you’re a certified reader in these powerful techniques.


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