Jump Start Your 2013 Quantum Creation Leap

Power Packed Tips to Help You Create A Dynamic Year

Discover the creation difference in evaluation and judgment.

Day 1
Uncover how to receive quantum leap essence-connected divine insight.

Day 2
Ways to make your quantum creation leap easy.

Quick Tip Reminder Handout for Day 1 & 2

Day 3
How to know the rhythmic action you need to achieve your desired results.

Quick Tip Handout Day 3

Monthly Creation Form

Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

Day 4
The two vital ingredients that impact your creation success.
Wonderful interview with Melody LeBaron.

Day 5
Ways you can receive elemental insights and inner guidance.

 Day 6
3 Important Unified Field of Creation Success Skills

Day 7
Developing creation courage and following your unique timing.
Exciting interview with Bonnie Salamon.

Day 8
Discover more about directing the forces of creation.

Day 9
Importance of working with the 2013 Capricorn New Moon.

MP3 File

Day 10
More Capricorn New Moon Tips.

View the ancient calendar here.

Day 11
Earth Creation Connection

Day 12
Connect to Your Vision, Mission, and Motivation

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Join me for this power packed creation program and jump start your year!

You’ll come away with…

A dynamic blueprint to take a quantum leap and create your best year ever.
A deeper understanding and ability to work with the power of intention.
A solid step-by-step plan of implementation for yourself.
Done for you planning templates to use anytime you have more planning to do.
Knowing how to effectively and rhythmically care and feed your creations during your dynamic year (and finding out why this is so critical.)
Understanding why the Capricorn Sun and new moon is so important to your success!
Group support and synergy for your planning while being in the comfort of your own home in your pj’s.
Guidance from the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit) to boost your creations. Respectfully call the elements forth as your personal creation team for 2013.
Energizing your plan!

Need more information to decide then CLICK HERE.

Create A Dynamic Year 2013 Jump Start Directions

#1) Buy a new journal if needed. Blank no lines. I love using an 11 x 8.5 inch sketchbook. I usually buy them at Office Depot because it’s close and easy. I use one for taking down creation notes as they come through day or night. I use another for creation journaling.

#2) If you don’t already utilize creation journaling as tool this is the time to begin! Watch this short youtube to understand how to work with it.

#3) Get yourself some new comfy pj’s so you can relax and be comfortable as you dynamically plan your year. You want to feel great in these pj’s. Feeling good about yourself brings a flow of creation ease and grace. I just found my the other day and this year they are very soft and snugly and mostly pink.

#4) Decide on the foods and teas you want to have on hand to nourish yourself throughout the day if you are joining us live on Jan 12. If you are working with the replay then schedule the time you are going to do so now. Put it on your calendar! Determine the ways you are going to nurture yourself through the process.

January 12 Schedule – Remember you will have access to the replay if you need to review any section or do the entire program on replay!

Eastern Time

11-12:30 Section One:
Planning Overview, Releasing Blocks to Creating a Dynamic 2013, Begin Quantum Leap Big Picture Visioning

1-2:30 Section Two:
Creating Your Blueprint, Step-by-step Planning

3-4:30 Section Three:
Working with the Elemental Forces of Creation, Activating Your Quantum Leap Operating System, Rhythmic Creation

5-6 Section Four:
Energize Your Creativity, Integration, Activate Your Dynamic Year Blueprint

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  1. Betty

    Thank you so much Lisa. I have enjoyed joining you this year and look forward to your messages you bring forth on the new moons, full moons and the solstices and equinoxes. You have a great evening and Great 2013.

  2. Melody LeBaron

    I appreciate your Day 3 Creativity boost! Before working with you and taking Natural Rhythms, I didn’t consider myself creative because I didn’t have a song and dance act, which is what I believed creativity was! Yesterday, I realized I was feeling “stuck” with a business goal, so while I listened to a group coaching call, I cut out some lovely images and quotes and decoupaged them onto to 2 cigar boxes — and I now have 2 new Feng Shui “altars” for my home!! The very act of creating something now has my creative juices flowing and new ideas are popping!

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    2. SuseADoodlesu bee

      it actually takes doing something, whether “good or bad” in terms of something we would gladly show off to others — to get the creative ideas flowing — sort of like “priming the pump.” 🙂 You’ve discovered it for yourself. I used to have a boss who would say “I’m going to do something, even if it is wrong.” I didn’t get it until I discovered this principle.

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  3. Emily

    Lisa, thank you so much for the daily tips! They’re really helpful… though I really have trouble trying to elicit an answer from within or from any natural elements. I pose the questions… but not getting any answers at all. Do you have any advice?

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  4. birdsong18

    I had a really powerful dream last night, and on picking one of your creation cards received SPIRIT DIVINE MASCULINE. I woke up feeling really good and also knowing that everything would be okay and just not to stress. I also received some words and in many respects they also link to Melody’s talk on SPACE.
    As you open your heart to a deeper understanding of Spirit – TRUST you are loved and that you are surrounded by the Light and Love from the realms of Spirit. Remember Spirit is the foundation of all things – SPIRIT SPEAKS OF RIGHT ACTION FROM THE RIGHT SPACE – UNDERSTAND THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERY SOUL ON EARTH. When you acknowledge that space, then you can connect to Spirit
    To act with Spirit, is to be inspired by love. To be inspired by Spirit is to act with loving compassion

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  5. Emily

    Lisa, thank you so much for addressing my question! You really brought home the point of trusting the voice I hear instead of doubting it. I always think that I make it up all the time! Yesterday, I heard this voice as I was drifting off to sleep, “You need to make space for new ideas… by allowing yourself time to rest, relax, noodle around, giving yourself space and time to try things out, explore, pursue new leads of info… if your schedule is always too packed, too tight, the seeds of ideas won’t have enough space to grow.”
    That was powerful, Lisa! I have learned to trust that voice now! Thank you so much!

    1. Post
      Lisa Michaels

      Emily, I am delighted the recording helped and you are trusting your inner voice. It sounds like you received a very important message. Keep up the good work.

  6. birdsong18

    Loved the interview with Bonnie Salmon – she’s really made me see that its still not too late for the book and that it will come in Divine timing. Thank you once again – truly inspirational

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  8. Emily

    Lisa, thank you for the impactful daily tips! My time zone is 12 hrs ahead of EST, so I can only work with the replay of Creating a dynamic 2013. And I only have a full day off on Monday, Jan 14 to create my year’s blueprint, would that be too late to work with the Capricorn new moon energy? Thank you!

  9. Post
    Lisa Michaels

    Emily, great question. Simply state in the Capricorn new moon energy that you will be creating your plan Monday and it will work beautifully! Blessings.

  10. Emily

    Lisa, thank you for addressing my question in today’s audio recording! Really appreciate it. I’ve signed up for Create a dynamic year program! So excited, woohoo!!

    I’m glad you mentioned the importance of tracking. I notice that I have a tendency to abandon my plans and not follow through with them. It would be really helpful if you could (in the program) guide us to create some sort of tracking system, just so that we know we’re constantly on track with our creations. Thank you!

  11. birdsong18

    Hallo Lisa I am really looking forward to todays workshop. However I do have a slight problem in that I have an operation coming up at the beginning of February which will necessitate two weeks rest, not really certain how best to approach this planning session with that in mind, although of course there is the rest of the year to consider.

  12. Lisa Michaels

    Birdsong, It’s important to include (just as nature does) time for rest in your creation plan. Allow yourself the time you need and the active phase of the creation cycle will be even more productive.

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