Inner Temple Meditation



Inner Temple Meditation


cover_priestess-150x150Priestess Within MP3 Format

This audio book is written and spoken by the creatrix of the Priestess Process. Nicole Christine and two advanced facilitators, Anyaa McAndrew and Lisa Michaels, invites the listener into a deeper understanding the Priestess Archetype.

  • Learn how activating the priestess within helps bring you into a fuller relationship with the Divine.
  • Discover how priestesses value the relationship between earth and sky, nature, and humanity.
  • Deepen your awareness of bringing the sacred into form.
  • Increase your awareness of the importance of creating time and space to honor life passages.
  • Find ways to strengthen your spirituality from the inside out.
  • Connect to the Earth as a Living Temple.

The Priestess Within by Nicole Christine, Anyaa McAndrew, and Lisa Michaels is a tremendous tool to assist you in opening and deepening your direct connection to the Divine.

73 minutes with a meditation on the final track.

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