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  Dance of Creation


A special 26 page excerpt from the book Natural Rhythms™ by Lisa Michaels. A beautifully illustrated tale of how the Sacred Timings came to be. This is an exclusive full-color rendition.

PDF ebook. Please click here to download.

  Full Sacred Timings Poster


A stunning art piece based on information from the book Natural Rhythms™ by Lisa Michaels. Depicts the phases of the moon, the Twelve Gates of Awareness, the Wheel of the Year and much more.

PDF document. Please click here to download.


2017 Sacred Timings

Natural Rhythms yearly cycle dates reference guide. Know when what sign the moon and sun enter as well as the dates to celebrate the Wheel of the Year with this easy to follow calendar.

 Updated annually.

Download Your Complimentary  2017 Sacred Timings Guide Here


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