Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book


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Your Elemental CD’s are fabulous! They vibrate with words of Unity. This is an awesome collection of the fundamental elemental teachings. Thanks for sharing!” Tracey Quillen

The Elemental Forces of Creation are powerful guides toward understanding the magic that happens when you bring forth your essence desires. Then, prepare the fertile soil of your life. Mix it with your clear flowing emotional water. Then, align your belief system and the power of your actions. When you work with all the elements in such an aligned way, you easily bring your desires into being. It is important in the process of learning to create that you develop the skill to work with the elements individually as well as together.

  •  Learn how understanding each element can help guide you in creating the life of your dreams.
  • Discover ways to clear old and stagnant energy with each element.
  • Find out how each element impacts your life and why you need to know how to work with it.
  • Get tips on elemental altar building and applying guidance from the elements.

4.5 hours of recorded material. A section on each element Earth, Water, Air, Fire, & Spirit.

Comes with the downloadable bonus of the transcripts and an elemental forces workbook. Sent by email upon purchase.

This creates a great introductory course for the elemental teachings and serves as a powerful reminder for those who have had more elemental experience.

I just finished listening to the audio book …. loved it! You have done such an elegant job of uniting so much of how I live and act in the world! Bravo. I love the container of the elements as a unifying force. I will certainly recommend it to all!” Patricia M

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