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Dublin Ireland May 2016

IMG_2895Travel changes us from the inside out by providing fresh experiences and insights that we wouldn’t receive from everyday life. By exploring new places, we access fresh historical perspectives, we meet new people, we connect to other cultures, and we receive transmissions as we walk on sacred lands.

I’ve been blessed to travel quite extensively in my life but there are so many places I have yet to venture. Recently my husband and I went to both Dublin, Ireland, and Edinburgh, Scotland, for 5 days, where I made multiple discoveries I want to share with you in two different posts. Be sure to read to the end of my Ireland adventure because I share my experience of a magical natural rhythms sacred site.

River LiffeyDublin’s full of music, with the river Liffey (some say was named after the Goddess Life) flowing through the city and the pulse of its people.  This daily relationship to Water infuses a consistent feeling of aliveness and energetic charge to the area. The strong feeling of pulsation could have also come from the 5 consecutive days of sunshine we experienced while there, something almost unheard of in Ireland. The locals said we experienced their entire summer. Either way, a deep connection to the enlivenment that flows from the elements imbues the culture there.

Since I discovered late last year the connection gluten had to the autoimmune diseases my sister and mother had, I’ve been concentrating on eating gluten free. When traveling, this is sometimes a challenge but as Irish luck would have it, the people in the UK are very honoring and non-shaming around food sensitivities and allergies. So I felt very blessed while eating there.

Gluten Free Fish & Chips Beshoff'sI did lots of research before I left, and discovered some fantastic gluten-free gems along the route of our travels. While I normally don’t eat a lot of fried food, I simply couldn’t resist trying for the first time ever gluten-free fish and chips. I found plenty of great gluten-free options on two sites “A Gluten Free Guide to Dublin” and “Irish Food Goddess” so enjoy your exploration if you are gluten-free too.

My husband and I joined an invitation-only, award-winning travel club almost two years ago, and we have the very best travel experiences and adventures because of this terrific decision. (Email me if you want to know more; I’m happy to share and and invite you in too.) During the first 4 days of our Dublin trip, we were on one of our DreamTrips, and met people from Iceland, Czech Republic, Thailand, South Korea, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Texas, and Canada. It was amazing to experience so many cultures in one place! Not to mention our accommodations were at one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever personally stayed−”The Marker.

Malahide CastleIn addition to the people and upleveled accommodations, one of the most magical things about DreamTrips is that we get to go to places we might not have ever discovered on our own (all included I might add). Our first day started off with a lovely tour of Malahide Castle and Gardens. It was interesting and the Merry Plowboysgardens were beautiful!

However, our next stop was where things got really interesting. We went for a three-course lunch at a very well known pub called the “Merry Plowboys” where two live musicians played Irish music during our lunch. It was fantastic!

Next we were off to the “Guinness Storehouse” tour, all while still on our private tour bus for the day, to learn about the process of creating Guinness beer. Arthur Guinness, we learned, was an intriguing and very influential strategic businessman, who not only married, but also fathered 21 children. A highlight of this stop was the remarkable view of Dublin from the Gravity Bar at the top. IMG_2958

After our tour, we took off exploring Dublin with the delightful young ladies from Iceland (now I really want to visit Iceland) and the artist/Marine we meet from Texas. We had a lovely evening sharing our DreamTrip experiences and getting to know one another.

The next day, as part of our package, we also had a “Hop On – Hop Off” bus tour pass for Dublin. I’ve actually never done this type of tour of a city before but I found it to be incredibly helpful for finding out more about the history. 

Story-Of-The-IrishAs part of our personal city explorations that afternoon, we went to see a performance called the “Story of the Irish.” It started with the story of the Irish connection to the Goddess Danu. (Goddess Photo: Part of my ancestry is Irish, yet there was so much I didn’t know about their journey. From the “Story of the Irish,” I learned about its people (my people), from their earliest beginnings, through the many decades of living in harmony with others and nature, the tremendous agricultural skills they developed, and how learned the Irish were before the seriously challenging invasions began.

IMG_2987According to Wikipedia and historical sources, “Prehistoric Ireland spans a period from the first known evidence of human presence dated to about 10,500 BC.” While I knew about the potato famine, I didn’t know about the horrific suffering the people went through which could have been prevented by those taking over their lands. I also didn’t know about how multitudes of Irish were sold into slavery. As with the story of many people, there was much that was eye-opening and heart-breaking alongside that which is cause for celebration.

Everything our ancestors experience lives in our DNA and from this story I began to understand more deeply about my life.  I’ve done ancestral clearing for myself and others for many years and seeing more pieces about how the patterns are woven into the fabric of modern life brought increased awareness and a fresh layer of clearing to be completed.

After the tremendous insights from witnessing the “Story of the Irish,” our spirits were uplifted again when we dropped into a traditional Irish music pub, a place one of the waiters at The Marker told us about, The Cobblestone.

IMG_2970In addition to our amazing daily breakfast buffet at The Marker, we had a delicious three-course dinner as the final event on our Dublin DreamTrip. I adore the new folks I got to spend time with on this portion of the trip and now have connections to many more parts of the world. I loosely figured out our savings on this trip. Per my calculations, I guesstimated that we saved over $1200 on just this leg of the trip with our membership. And that included two fabulous meals—a three-course lunch at Merry Plowboys and this three-course dinner on our final night. Such a tremendous value!

We had two more days in Dublin after our DreamTrip, and the next day we went to Epic Ireland, another historical perspective on Ireland. While Epic Ireland was interesting, it was a bit disappointing in that it covered less of the earlier history of Ireland, and began with Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 1.09.16 PM St. Patrick and more recent Irish struggles. Even though Epic Ireland offered a later historical perspective, this exhibit gave us an additional layer of knowledge. And I especially appreciated its great connection to Irish music and dance.

Based on a recommendation from a travel club friend, on our final day in the Dublin area, we took a tour outside the city to two very ancient sacred sites: The Hill of Tara and Newgrange. I’ve been to some amazing sacred sites over the years… the pyramids in Egypt, Stonehenge, and Machu Picchu twice, but these two sites really made a deep impression and gave me a profound connection to Goddess history.  

Round Earthworks at the Hill of Tara, County Meath, Leinster, Ireland

Round Earthworks at the Hill of Tara, County Meath, Leinster, Ireland – photo

The Hill of Tara was an ancient ceremonial site. says “Tara is one of the largest complexes of Celtic monuments in all of Europe. In reading its landscape we are transported back in time to when the first settlers came here 6000 years ago. They and the Celts who followed them chose Tara as a very special site.” My personal experience with sacred sites is that powerful energies run through them, and they are chosen with great care. also says Tara is a Royal Place. “In prehistory and historic times 142 Kings are said to have reigned in the name of Tara. The coronation stone called The Lia Fail or Stone of Destiny has rested here down through the ages. And it was here that the most powerful of Irish Kings held their great inaugural feasts and were approved by Earth Mother Goddesss Maeve.”

Here, my hubby Prescott and I are with the Stone of Destiny. This is a powerful place indeed.  

Next, we made our way to one of the Holy Well’s on the Hill of Tara. The energy of the Goddess can indeed be experienced through sacred wells...

Newgrange-S&LIMG_3036The final site for our Ireland trip was the sacred Tumulus of Newgrange. By some accounts, it’s actually said to be the oldest building. It pre-dates the pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge. The light shines through an opening on Winter Solstice, illuminating the inner chamber. The ancient people were very in touch with the rhythms of the natural world.

This structure and the mounds of Knowth and others in the valley surrounding Newgrange have sacred alignments. Some are tuned to the equinoxes Newgrange interior Looking out from inside the central chamber of Newgrange, the corridor is very narrow. — Photo courtesy of the Ireland Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Governmentand others to the solstice points.

The photo to the right is where the Winter Solstice light shines in. 

It was incredibly powerful to be inside this ancient structure. They don’t allow photographs inside but here’s a photo courtesy of the Ireland Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government. 


Dublin and the surrounding area made a deep impression on both Prescott and I in tremendous ways. I love that I was able to make a rich connection to the Goddess, the elements, and the natural rhythms while I walked the land.

Have you been to Ireland or Dublin? Any of these sacred sites?
I’d love to hear your experiences and insights too.

All the best, dear one, and much love, Lisa


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