Despacho – How To

Honoring and Appreciating
Mother Nature:

Just as those around you respond to your gratitude, so does the Earth Mother herself. Take a clue from the indigenous cultures and sprinkle a blessing gift of cornmeal or tobacco on the ground with your prayers, or create a Peruvian despacho ceremony.

The people of Peru have a beautiful tradition to thank and honor the Earth Mother, whom they call Pachamama. They create a blessing bundle for Earth called a despacho, which they give to her during ceremony, as a way of expressing gratitude for all the Earth Mother provides. The despacho gives energy of upliftment back to her. A Peruvian Shaman typically creates this bundle in Peru, but anyone can create a similar one and honor Earth in this way.

The blessing ceremony basically consists of making a little gratitude food pack for Pachamama. The Shaman spreads out some type of paper or biodegradable wrapping and then fills it with a variety of natural ingredients: sweet treats, cornmeal, tea, coca leaves, flowers, and the like. The Shaman says a prayer each time an item is placed on the paper, to bless the Earth Mother and give thanks for all she provides.

When the beautiful creation is complete, it is wrapped up and tied. Then the despacho is either buried or burned. Pachamama feels the gratitude and honor placed in the despacho and sighs with delight at being appreciated. In a sacred way, the ritual raises the vibration of the entire area where the ceremony is held. Taking the time to do a despacho ceremony serves as an excellent way to honor the Earth Mother. Excerpt from Natural Rhythms by Lisa Michaels


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