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The Winter class schedule begins Jan 9!

Join us for class at 7pm Thursday’s Through Feb 27


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Here you will find details on the current class offerings.

Our Winter Facilitators!
The Winter 2013 Conscious Dance Program has new Certified Facilitators: Sarah Thorsen, Lisa Burk, Jana Jopson.

The first time you join us leave yourself time to find us! There is free parking but you need to know where to go. Read and watch below to find out where to go! After the first time it will be super easy.


Decatur Workshops and Dance Classes

Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance Classes

Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance provides you with a movement experience that assists you in accessing the rhythms of nature and the forces of creation within. Join us for one class or come every time.

In each class there will be intention setting, then free/conscious/expressive movement for the remainder of the class. Classes will sometimes focus on releasing old energies, activating new ones, and/or claiming aspects of your inner power.

You may enjoy having a journal for personal notes after class. Tremendous insight can be accessed through this type of movement with intention.

One Class:  $12  Drop in rate.

Location: Core Dance Studio’s Downtown Decatur
You must enter from the rear of the building. The entrance is off North McDonough down the alley/parking lot near the sandwich shop and Eddie’s attic (across from the court house) As you walk down this area look for the dancer on the building. While getting here is a bit interesting the first time you will be glad you took the time to find this wonderful dancing space. Core Studio Decatur

Parking is FREE on the square after 6 pm  City of Decatur Parking Information and the Court House/County Parking Deck (an easy walk from the studio) is FREE after 5pm and on weekends (located on the corner of Trinity and Commerce).

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY: Ring the bell if the door isn’t open when you arrive. Plan to arrive early the first time you come to the studio.

Dress comfortably for movement (you do not need a leotard or dance shoes for any class). Barefeet or dance shoes only allowed on the studio floor. Bring water to stay hydrated.

Parking and walking directions to the CORE studios for dance classes, events, and workshops. I’m a little out of breath and missed showing you the street signs at N McDonough St and West Trinity but it will help you to find your way! See you there.


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  3. Meg Pedersen

    I’m taking both the Ballet and the Conscious Dance classes and they are both amazing! After trying every other form of exercise I’ve found Lisa’s ballet class the best way to tone and strengthen your body as well as finding your inner gracefulness, which we all do have. Lisa is a wonderful teacher and novices to ballet will do well in her capable hands.

    The Conscious Dance class is dancing/moving with intention though each of the elements and Spirit and is an amazing opportunity to how to listen to your body through movement~dance. It is proving to be a most enlightening journey I encourage anyone to take.

    While I am learning much, the honest truth is I’m having a blast!

  4. Jana Jopson

    I never took ballet or any dance as a young girl, but for some reason, my body loves Goddess Ballet. I love the music and the open, vibrant energy that Lisa provides. It’s a relaxed teaching approach, no pressure, can’t get it “wrong.” And we ALL need to move our bodies more. Soaking it all up on Monday night makes my week!

  5. Tanya

    i am far from Atlanta ( Costa Rica) and am wondering if you offer your Goddes ballet and Natural Rhythm Conscious online.I would love to participate in the energy and movement of the group

  6. Lisa Michaels

    Tanya, At this point we haven’t quite figured out how to make these two classes online. Blessings, LIsa

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