CreateADynamicYear2014Create A Dynamic Year 2014 Book


Create A Dynamic Year 2014 delivers a step-by-step, month-by-month process to add energy to your creations using the elemental forces of nature, the new moons, full moons, and the most powerful seasonal points on the Wheel of the Year. Each section includes concrete actions for focusing specific manifestation energy using targeted monthly and seasonal strategies for personal and business/professional growth and well-being. Organized by the sacred timings of 2014, Create A Dynamic Year 2014 makes an excellent accompaniment to anyone’s personal or business calendar.

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Creation 5 Year Planner

A downloadable, 12 month calendar Jan 2014-Dec 2014 so you can plan through the new year. All with the new moons, full moons, sun moves into a new sign, and wheel of the year points clearly marked. The element the sun is in creates the colorful backdrop for each month. This helps you to know how to more effectively focus your success energy. This calendar is a power tool for bringing your dreams into being! Then Jan 2015-Dec 2018 3 months on a page for long term planning.

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Prosperous Priestess Handbook

Discover the sacred alchemical art of creating a soul-filled, spirit-rich,
financially thriving Divine Feminine life and business.

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expert Series Bundle product
Expert Series Bundle

Instant access to 8 tele-interviews, 9 one-hour presentations with slides with the Natural Rhythms experts and Lisa Michaels, and Nature’s Success System PDF ebook.

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natures success book 3dNature’s Success System

Align with the elements of nature and unlock your feminine power of creation.  Discover tools to live your life richly and fully by engaging the elemental forces of Nature and embracing the Feminine power of creation now.  Gain vital support from Nature for the organic growth of your creations and strengthen your inner abilities to powerfully expand your business and life success.

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Natural Rhythms

Learn how each element Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit help you consciously create your life.  Discover ways to release old emotional baggage, improve your relationships, focus your intention for creation, activate your ability to take action, and increase your ability to thrive.  Find out how to boost your creation power with the rhythm of the sun, moon and stars.

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Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

Instantly access the wisdom and guidance of the elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.  Each element impacts a different area of life and helps you increase your inner knowing, develop deeper self-awareness, and actively expand your life expression.  Unique and Easy to use 90 card deck with 60 page guide book.

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Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book

4.5 hours of powerful teachings on the elements with Lisa Michaels.  Work with all the elements in an aligned way, so that you easily bring your desires into being.   MP3 Format.

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Priestess Within Audio Book

This audio book is written and spoken by the creatrix of the Priestess Process. Nicole Christine and two advanced facilitators, Anyaa McAndrew and Lisa Michaels, invites the listener into a deeper understanding the Priestess Archetype. 73 minutes with a meditation on the final track.

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