Dear Visionary,

Do you know that the same forces that flow through nature – the same forces that magically spring a seed to life or softly open a flower – can be intentionally applied to helping your clients achieve success as you grow a thriving business?
Understanding these forces and how they operate in the realm of creation can help you be of tremendous service in the world. When you learn to apply nature’s forces of creation, you help others discover their life purpose, strengthen their inner wisdom and guidance, and blossom as conscious creation leaders of their lives and businesses.
For the last 16 years I have been training others to access and apply the forces of creation in every area of life and business. Before that I owned and ran a very successful 500 pupil ballet school where I applied creation and spiritual principles to grow my business. In my businesses I’ve created a wide assortment of products and programs over the years. Because of my years as a ballet teacher I know how to effectively layer in training to help you increase your business and client coaching and facilitation skills step-by-step.

I’ve facilitated hundreds of transformational in-person and online group events. And I’ve helped many people vastly improve their facilitation skills and learn to be creation coaches. Both in my business building journey and in my personal life I can honestly say that the biggest discovery of my entire existence came when I received the divine download of these teachings in 1999.

Understanding and being able to call on these forces has helped me to receive clear powerful guidance for my business, products, programs, life, and clients time and time again.Creation coaching takes a unique approach to helping people actively create their life and access deeper levels of inner wisdom. When you learn to honor, call on, and utilize these powerful forces in your life and business, you will propel your clients’ creations forward and stimulate your own business growth, at any level!

Start adding Natural Rhythms Creation Coaching & Facilitation to your business model and let the forces and rhythms of nature help you generate more client and business success today.

I’d love to help you take your life and business
to the next level of soul-filled nature-based success

“This business and coach training is PHENOMENAL.
The content is SO RICH, and comprehensive. The tools, training
and bonus material in Creation Coach are TOP NOTCH.

                                                                   -Vivian Hurley

Who Natural Rhythms Creation Coaching

and Facilitation Training is for:

  • Coaches in all areas: life, health and wellness, money and business, relationships, writing, marketing
  • Holistic practitioners
  • Spiritual teachers
  • Experts and Mentors
  • Trainers
  • Service professionals
  • Healers and helping professionals
  • Massage therapists
  • Therapists
  • Yoga and Dance Teachers
  • Medical Specialists including MD's and Nurses
  • Experienced entrepreneurs who want nature's creation tools to help take their income and influence to the next level
  • Just starting out entrepreneurs who are ready to take their gifts to the world 

Vivian shares her experience with Creation Coach

In this extensive program you will deepen your authentic leadership abilities
while activating a higher level of your business and financial creation powers.

Prepare for Creation Magic to Unfold 
in Your Life, Business and the

Lives of Your Clients As You Discover:

  • creation coachNature’s simple, repeatable, reliable creation system that you and your clients can apply to every area of life and business.Learn to use it first while applying it to your life and business, and then you’ll help your tribe to thrive.
  • How to align with the forces of creation to bring forth your deep purpose-filled heart desires: your unique creative essence expression, abundant business income flow, financial freedom, feminine leadership success, flourishing creative relationships, rich intuitive life guidance, and juicy life experiences.
  • Power packed elemental tools to help clear your old patterns on each realm of creation so you can awaken to your life and business creative potential. Every element has uniquely important ways to clear old conditioning so you and your clients can manifest success.
  • How to connect to your Divine inner source of creative inspiration. Connect to your deep inner guiding wisdom and learn to call on it as you guide your clients and business to greater and greater levels of success.
  • How to help others navigate the dark night of the soul and other life and soul transforming experiences. Learn to support yourself and your clients, during times of transformation, in a grace-filled and honoring way.
  • Ways to identify which realm of creation needs adjusting in order for desires to come into being, easily recognizing this helps you align with right action more effectively.
  • How to identify and heal old wounds and “lack mentality” that are passed down in families and experienced in childhood that block success.
  • holistic creation coachLearn to identify your inner feminine and masculine and bring them together to consciously create new life, projects, products, experiences, income, and relationships.
  • The secret magic of aligning with the Divine Feminine for life, business, and financial success.She will help you bring your full leadership potential and gifts to the world.
  • New ways to come into right relationship alignment with the sacred masculine so you can heal old patriarchal inner messages to experience more self-love and support.
  • How to build a thriving business in alignment with the natural world so you can call on the elemental forces to boost your manifesting and creation results anytime.
  • Powerful rhythmic cycles that propel life and business creations, forward including the cycles of rest, rejuvenation, and organic timing essential to feeding your creative essence.
  • The fundamental difference between creation and manifestation. Discover how and when to call on each of them in your life and business.
  • How to step up your confidence, move through any waves of fear, to become an empowered creative life and business Leader. You’ll be able to call on the essence of creation anytime you need it to grow your own business, help your clients achieve success, and create results.

Isn’t it time you started consciously designing your
next level of success and learn to assist others in creating
more abundance, grace, and ease in their life and business?


What You’ll Receive As A Certified
Natural Rhythms Creation Coach & Facilitator...

Expand to a whole new level of leadership ability. Uplevel your coaching skills to create more
dynamic client results. Take your business to the first or next level of thriving success.


You’ll learn to coach with and facilitate all three levels of the Natural Rhythms programs (15 weekends worth of content). This is our power-packed complete foundational trainings. This content is designed to activate your personal creation power plus develop the skills to apply the elemental tools to your business.

All the content is recorded so you can move as quickly or slowly as you like as you learn the elemental basics that you’ll be helping others in your coaching and facilitation. This content helps you grow your business, achieve greater client results, assist others to discover their life purpose, and personally create your heart desires.

Elemental Manifestation Wisdom

  • Help your clients activate their life purpose.
  • Utilize the creation capacity of each of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit).
  • Activate the elemental primary powers so you can direct them toward any creation.
  • Apply the astrological archetypes for insight, guidance, and increased communication.
  • Help others understand themselves and their life purpose more effectively.
  • Five full 2-day weekends worth of content that you can teach as stand alone done-for-you content or break-up in smaller chucks to integrate into other programs.
  • Teach this one time for only $200 a weekend to just 6 people and you’ve covered the cost of your program.  
  • Assist your clients as they ignite their inner gifts.

Rhythmic Manifestation Power

  • Apply each element’s creation rhythm to naturally align with success. (Sun/Moon/Stars)
  • Ignite your inner gifts and claim the second level of creation power of each element in order to amp up your ability to direct the forces of creation.
  • Integrate each element for greater wholeness in every area of life in order to increase your capacity to thrive.
  • Help others actively apply each elemental force in the co-creative process to bring in the desires of their heart.
  • Five full 2-day weekends worth of content that you can teach as stand alone done-for-you content or break-up in smaller chucks to integrate into other programs. 

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This Is Your New Title

This Is Your New Title

Life Design Mastery

  • Teach your clients to design their lives and businesses.
  • Design your own life from your astrological life purpose
    to understand your unique creation essence.
  • Clear the chakra system to run powerful
    manifestation energy.
  • Direct the forces of creation in targeted areas
    to help others in their specific career niche.
  • Deepen your ability to help others strategically
    align with success.
  • Five full 2-day weekends worth of content that you can teach as stand alone done-for-you content or break-up in smaller chucks to integrate into other programs.


I’m finally getting to a place where I’m moving into what I’ve come here to do and a lot of that is because of you.  If I hadn’t discovered you and your work I think I would have been forever stumbling around with things just out of reach. Thank you.

~ Kerry

 Foundational Astrology Training

 — A $400 VALUE —

  • Learn How to Read A Basic Astrology Chart
  • Find Out How to Help Your Client’s Discover Their Life Purpose
  • Discover Ways to Assist Your Client With Their Unique Creation Team, Inner Goddess, and Creation Focus


Professionally Illustrated "Done-For-You"
Handouts and Presentation Tools

(Seriously, the total Professional Design Value is Over $8000)


This entire program comes with beautifully and professionally designed materials for you to use personally and with your clients in any coaching or facilitation setting.

There are currently over 54 - 1 & 2 sided handouts, plus your frame-able certificate.

Personal Business Acceleration Mentorship

— A $1500 VALUE —


  • You'll experience the potency of having a business priestess hold sacred space for your leadership development and business growth.
  • Initial 20 minute business acceleration intake session to help you develop your business success strategy.
  • After that we will connect by phone for 20-minutes for 7 additional times during your training for follow-up business building breakthrough sessions.




Quick Start Facilitator Booster Programs -
Start Earning While You’re Learning 

rockYour Training for these workshops is done Online!

You'll receive training on how to facilitate two exciting and fun workshops that will help your participants easily receive guidance from the elements for everything in their lives — personally and professionally.

This workshop content can be easily shaped into a program you can present from — 2 hours to 2 days. Effortlessly create an additional income stream for your business!

These are great for promoting your creation coaching business!

One of my creation coaches charged $97 for a one day program
from this material where she had 40 people.



Build Community and Practice Your Skillslisacherie

  • You'll gain experience coaching with your new skills and make new friends from around the world.
  • You'll become an exclusive member of the Natural Rhythms Leadership Members-Only Facebook Group and connect with other Natural Rhythms leaders.



Dear One,
The Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator content is 33 powerful modules of trainings (+ plus bonus trainings and monthly coaching and business building sessions) all clearly designed for you to build your creation coach & facilitation business. 

Just how much would a proven "done for you" step-by-step creation coach business format be worth to you?

What value would you place on an easy to use system that you can apply to helping any type of client create more success and apply to building your thriving business?

What would shaving years off your learning curve mean to you in terms of taking your business, leadership, creation ability, message, and services to the next level?

The skills and tools I'll be sharing with you to help your clients were developed over years of teaching and coaching with the elements and rhythms of nature. The business building training and support you will receive developed with over 25 years of owning and running my businesses. Plus, you'll receive the benefits of the countless hours and trainings I have digested in online marketing, developing an expert platform, growing an email list, and more. You'll save both time and money with all the done for you and predigested components of this training.

My dream is to have people all over the world have access to a trained creation coach to help them align with the natural world to create heart-centered success. Because I want people anywhere to be able to take this training, I've been working to take it fully online.  I want to make the training as accessible to as many visionary and holistic entrepreneurs as possible which is why I've made your investment in the program just $3497 when paid in full (I've also created a super-affordable payment plan to support your cash flow if you need it.)

The full investment value of this training as a business model and as an increase in your current client success is easily a $20,000 value. The $3497 investment opportunity will not last long so take advantage of this amazing year of training and business building support now!

If you would like to speak with me about this program before registering, CLICK HERE for your complimentary session with Lisa.  

Let's look again at all YOU WILL RECEIVE... 

  • Licensed Content for your Facilitation and Coaching
  • Online Business, Coaching, & Money Trainings
  • Basic Astrology Training 
  • My Personal Business Acceleration Mentorship 
  • Professionally Illustrated "Done-for-you" Handouts & Presentation Tools
  • ON-GOING Additional Monthly Trainings & Coaching Calls with Lisa "How to Coach and Build Your Business"

PLUS you receive these JUICY BONUSES as a

Certified Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator…

creation coach


EXCLUSIVE! Elemental Forces of Creation

Oracle Reader Certification - Facilitator License
(Available for Immediate Training) 

— A $3000 VALUE —

You will become licensed to certify Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Readers

  • Learn to help others take their “Inner Oracle” to the next level so they can begin guiding others.
  • Discover how to teach others to support their client’s creations with the elemental forces oracle
  • Uncover how to guide others to consistently receive guidance from the elemental forces effortlessly to support their life, business, and clients.

Profitable & Transformational 

Workshop Secrets

Step-by-Step Facilitator Training
Designed to Increase Your Income & Workshop Results
(Available for Immediate Training) Learn More Here

— A $600 VALUE —

  • Taking your business to the next level of success with elemental creation tools.
  • Gain tools for clearing in each realm (physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and creatively) to move energy when you feel stuck and need support to get quickly back into your ability to create success.
  • Activate the power of your feminine business leadership.

Natural Rhythms

Conscious Dance Facilitator Training
(Available for Immediate Training) Learn More Here

— A $800 VALUE —

  • All Recorded Online Easy Access 
  • All the key facilitator pieces shared in Lisa's in-person conscious dance training she'll reveal online!
  • Come away with a power packed presenters package that you can use over and over in hundreds of settings!
  • Includes the Sacred Dance of Money Facilitator Training!

Activate Your Inner Money Goddess
Facilitator Certification Program

(Available for Immediate Training) 

— A $900 VALUE —

  • Naturally Create Your Financial Flow the Divine Feminine Way
  • Financial Creation Power Tools Found in Nature’s Rich Secrets
  • Discover the Magic of Co-Creation When Your Inner Feminine and Masculine Collaborate
  • Use Nature’s Rhythms to Boost Your Conscious Wealth Creation

Inner Goddess Creation Power

Align Your Creation Team, Increase Your Creation Power,
and Impact Your Purpose, Prosperity, and Success Results Now 

(Available for Immediate Training) 

— A $100 VALUE —

  • Boost your Creation Potential and Power
  • Find out the energies that make up your unique personal creation team
  • Discover more ways to work with them to align with success
  • Learn the personalized elemental archetypal energies you work with
  • Discover how they impact your Life Purpose, Prosperity, and Creation Power! 


  • NEW Create A Dynamic Year Facilitator Training 2018 & Beyond  (Teach In-Person or Online)  
    (A $800 VALUE)
  • March 26-28, 2018 from 9-4 in Atlanta (Exact Location TBA) Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach and Facilitator In-person Training and Deep Diving into Coaching with a Client's Creation Team



When you Invest in Full
You also receive 3 additional
1 hour sessions with Lisa
to accelerate your business growth





12-month Investment Plan 

12 x $325 (Total $3900)




 If you need more time to integrate your training slowly and receive more support, then invest in our 2 year plan!


Certification upon completion of the requirements. 



24-month Investment Plan 

24 x $175 (Total $4200)


Legal Disclaimer:
Be assured we believe – only in dedicated work, running a business based on integrity, adding value and serving others – not get rich quick programs. Our intention is to accurately represent our program and its potential. Legally we cannot make any guarantees about your income results with any of our programs, information, or coaching. Testimonials are believed to be accurate but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each person’s results depends on their background, beliefs, consistent action, determination, and motivation.

Each Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach & Facilitator functions as an independent business owner and is solely responsible for their own business, coaching, and facilitation environments. Michaels Hill Inc, Lisa Michaels, and Natural Rhythms™ Institute assumes no liability for their independent facilitation or business practices.

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