Due to a sudden illness in Lisa’s family,
the in person event is cancelled.

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Planetary Complexes
& Your Priestess Creation Power

Learn the Critical Ways the Planets of Initiation Influence Your Soul Intent

In-Person Event April 23-26 Location: Decatur, GA (Atlanta Area)

With Lisa Michaels and Cayelin Castell

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This event will dynamically boost your capacity to align your creations with the rhythms of the planetary bodies and bring your desires into being!

You will…

UniverseDiscover your astrological chart alchemy.


Learn how the planetary complexes impact your creation ability.


Find out how the complexes influence your inner sacred marriage.


Discover new ways to work with the intent of tapping into your unique creative offerings.


Experience a planetary initiation honoring ceremony.


Describe the planets in the planetary complexes as Teachers and Guides for our Soul’s Journey.

Hear what Cayelin Castell says about this sacred timing…


I loved last year’s event the Alchemical Dance of Creation workshop! For me, it combined just the right balance of ‘book learning’ with experiential physical & emotional activity. Also, the music throughout the workshop was perfectly suited to each segment. Lisa & Cayelin are a powerful combination of facilitators!
~ Nancy ‘Hannah-Fey’ Daniell

 Schedule For In Person Event

Wednesday April 23 9:30-4:30

Thursday April 24 9:30-4:30

Friday April 25 9:30 – 4:30

Bonus Ceremonial Day

Saturday April 26


Multi-purpose Studio

Decatur Rec Center Multi-Purpose Studio


Decatur Event Information

Planetary Complexes Location

The event will be held at the Decatur Recreation Center: 231 Sycamore St. Decatur, GA 30030
We will be in the beautiful multipurpose studio in the building.

Hotel/Motels within Walking Distance

Courtyard Marriott and Conference Center
130 Clairemont Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030 

Super 8 Motel
917 Church St.

Super 8 is giving a 10% discount for our customers.

About Decatur, GA
The Rec Center is located in downtown Decatur which is within walking distance of dozens of delicious and unique restaurants, quaint shops, massage and nail salons, a grocery store and coffee shops.Located in the square is MARTA which can take you from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport directly to downtown Decatur. The hotels are within walking distance of MARTA and the Rec Center.

City of Decatur Website:

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Lounge Area

Decatur Rec Center Lounge Area

Downtown Decatur

Downtown Decatur, GA





Dolores J GozziThe Alchemical Dance of Creation that I attended in April 2013 with Lisa and Caylin as facilitators made me more aware of how the planets move through the universe at each of their own pace and how that reflects in the qualities each of the planets has and the impact it has on the individual, communities, states and on a national/worldwide level.  It amazes me on how this influence can effect so many individuals and how they will respond to that particular planet quality and phase.

Dolores J Gozzi,

bonuses banner

Bonus #1: Boost Your Feminine
Financial Creation Ability
with the Planets

Utilize this pre-recorded training, available for immediate viewing,
to prepare for the 2014 program.

$297 Value


Module 1: Priestess Power of the Moon14239982_s

  • The archetype of priestess helps you more fully connect to the sacred.
  • It assists you in opening to receive Divine essence and energy.


Module 2: Venus

  • Deepen Your Relationship to Your Inner Feminine
  • Find out How to Use Your Venus Return to Strengthen Your Creation Power


Module 3: MarsMercury_900

  • Strengthen Your Relationship to Your Inner Masculine
  • Find Out How Mars Impact Your Creation Ability


Module 4: Mercury

  • Explore what your individual creative contribution is with Mercury and how to communicate it for creation success.


Module 5: The Sun

  • Discover the Sun Dance which connects you with the
    Great Mystery itself, Divine Source, where divine creation originates.


Module 6: Q & A


Module 7: Chiron & Pluto

  • Deepen your dance as a shamanic creator with Pluto.
  • Uncover how dancing with Chiron will assist you in turning
    your wounds into strong creative medicine.


Module 8: Uranus & Neptune

  • Awaken to the dance of Uranus to move beyond the
    limitations of what you know and create the ultimate freedom.
  • Learn to trust the merger of the mystical and
    mundane through the divine creation dance of Neptune.


Module 9: Saturn & Jupiter

  • Expand your true creation vision in your dance with Jupiter.
  • Stabilize your dance with Saturn to support what you are divinely bringing into form.


Module 10: Planetary Alignment Ceremony Creation and Program Closure


Saturn Rising over Ocean - Landscape Mode


Bonus #2: Planetary
Complexes Online Training

(Recordings Available for a Full Year)


Module One: How the Astrological Signs Relate to Each Other

  • Discover the impact of the astrological modalities and why they matter to you.
  • Understand archetypal relationships and the impact they have on your life.
  • Describe the planets in the planetary complexes as Teachers and Guides for our Soul’s Journey.

Module Two: Insights into the 3 Shamanic Planetary Worlds

  • Learn the influences the 3 world have on life experiences.
  • Uncover how planetary initiations impact your inner gifts.

Module Three: How to Find the Complexes on a ChartFull moon

  • Learning to locate complexes helps you with the alchemy of your life purpose.
  • The tool of finding complexes assists you in understanding others in a much deeper way.

Module Four: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of Saturn

  • Saturn reveals where you have the gifts of structure and form.
  • Discover all the different ways Saturn can influence your life purpose.

Module Five: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of Jupiter

  • With Jupiter find out where you have the gift of expansion.
  • Discover all the different ways Jupiter can influence your life purpose.

Module Six: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of Pluto

  • Find out how Pluto deepens your inner life purpose gifts.
  • Discover all the different ways Pluto can influence your life purpose.

Module Seven: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of Chiron

  • Chiron teaches you to transform your wounds into your personal medicine.
  • Discover all the different ways Chiron can influence your life purpose.

Module Eight: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of NeptuneTriangulumGalaxyiStock_000002732741Small

  • Find out how Neptune invites the inner gift of merging
    with the Divine.
  • Discover all the different ways Neptune can influence
    your life purpose.

Module Nine: The Alchemical Creation Gifts of Uranus

  • With Uranus uncover how changes to your assemblage point impact you.
  • Discover all the different ways Uranus can influence your life purpose.

Module Ten: Q & A and Planetary Complex Integration

  • Ask Cayelin and Lisa any questions you have and open for insights.
  • Integrate this powerful planetary program into your life.


Hi Cayelin, I loved, loved, loved the class with you and Lisa. I had gotten kind of stuck in my understanding of Shamanic Astrology and your opened things wide up for me again and I felt like I took the understanding of the planets to a deeper level. And, I am so thrilled to have the class materials available online. ~Much love, Ann


10.06 Lisa Michaels007

Lisa Michaels, trains creation coaches and divine feminine leaders to dynamically increase their intuition and natural creation abilities by accessing the forces of Nature. As a celebrated elemental wisdom teacher and author, Lisa was chosen by the leading publisher Hay House as one of their 2010 Movers & Shakers. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people strengthen their life purpose and successfully propel their, personal and business, lives forward.

Her teachings on accessing one’s natural creation abilities are available in her books Nature’s Success System, Natural Rhythms, as well as, the Priestess Within audio the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle and the Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book. With Lisa’s guidance you can become a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach or Practical Priestess Creation Goddess as you learn to use nature’s tools to help your clients achieve heart-centered success and grow a thriving business.

She’s been facilitating the priestess process since her emergence as a High Priestess in 1999. She is an advanced circle facilitator, Nicole Christine’s term for someone who has facilitated over 20 circles. Lisa coordinated the 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2012 community convergences.




Cayelin_Castell_2010 Dec Solstice Event 025 aaCayelin Castell is the co-founder and a lead teacher/facilitator of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, and creator of the Celestial Timings that began as an offering to the Priestess community in 1996. This was one of the first ever astrological/astronomy e-zines, that now includes written and audio formats.

Cayelin began studying Shamanic Astrology with founder Daniel Giamario in 1990, and she is the co-author of The Shamanic Astrology Handbook recently revised and republished in 2012 with endorsements by best-selling authors Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Norm Shealy. In addition to the Handbook, Cayelin wrote and narrated the Twelve Tribes CD, a journey through the astrological signs as a seasonal and archetypal experience with sound healing music by John Dumas.

Nicole invited Cayelin to integrate Shamanic Astrology into the Priestess Process in 1995, recognizing Cayelin as one who was bringing the As Above, So Below Mysteries to complement Nicole and her ability to bring the As Within, So Without Mysteries.Using her unique astrological perspective, Cayelin specializes in working with individuals to empower their life purpose, using their personal astrological timings for maximum personal and professional results.

Timing is everything. For example, it is not wise to plant a garden in winter, nor to miss planting a garden in spring. This is why awareness of the windows of opportunity and cycles of time can be so helpful in living a full-on, joyful, vibrant and successful life.

More information can be found at or email Cayelin at or call 520-744-6923.

Cancellation Policy:  Sorry due to the limited spaces available there are no refunds for this program. However, should it become impossible for you to attend you may find someone to take your place or apply your payments to any other program facilitated by Lisa Michaels within one year.