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www. bodyawarenessstudio.comLeslie Clayton, Founder and Director of the Body Awareness Studio since 1993. She is a Pilates Instructor with extensive movement background as a Professional Ballet and Modern Dancer. She has strong communication skills developed over the past 25 years from teaching Children and Adults Ballet and Creative Movement. Leslie Integrates studies in Reflexology, Polarity Therapy/Yoga, and Energy Medicine with Pilates to create balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes for others. As a Natural Rhythms facilitator, she is dedicated to providing a safe environment for others to explore their inner/outer worlds and safely move to new levels of evolution.
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Cherie Lyon is an Alchemical High Priestess Energy Mystic, Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator. and Creation Coach. She has a private practice as a Certified Reiki Master integrating body-centered techniques, mindfulness, vibrational healing & acupressure, along with empowerment circles, ritual and ceremonies. Her mission is promoting education & support for a wholistic mind, body & spirit. Her intention is to support others in shifting the vibration in themselves to align with nature, which will assist in shifting the vibration in the world. Her devotion is to the survival of the ancient mystery knowledge and the provision and training of Priest~ess in fulfilling that goal of honoring the tribal practice and Shamanic art of healing.

Her favorite phrase is “When I Dream I Dream in Color”.

Cherie makes her home in the greater Atlanta, GA area. She is available to facilitate anywhere in the country. Cherie is certified to facilitate the Natural Rhythms™ and Practical Priest/ess™ programs. She also functions as assistant to the director of Natural Rhythms.

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Disclaimer: Each Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator and Creation Coach functions as an independent business owner and uses the Institute’s training materials and methods in all associated Natural Rhythms™ programs they facilitate or coach. Each Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator and Creation Coach is solely responsible for their own business, coaching, and facilitation environments. The Natural Rhythms™ Institute assumes no liability for their independent facilitation or business practices.

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