Leo Full Moon 2016

Leo Full Moon
moon fire

Element: Full Moon in Leo, Fire Sun in Aquarius, Air

Window: January 22   24

Exact: January 23 ~ 8:46 p.m. Eastern

The Full Moon in Leo brings a prime opportunity to light up your self-love and claim your leadership ability. Leo teaches the value of radiance when it comes to shining as a leader. Shining radiance only comes when you are full of self-love, passion, and excitement. Leo shows up as the true leader when it comes to that kind of vibrant life energy. Sit in the light of this moon if you can (even through a window) and listen to Leo’s messages about claiming your inner lion, the “King or Queen of the Jungle.” Where do you just need to step up and declare your inner position?

Sun Enters Aquarius 2016

Sun Enters Aquarius

Element: Air 

Window: January 20 February 18

Exact: January 20 ~ 10:28 AM Eastern

Ah, the fresh air of inspiration blows into your life as the sun moves into Aquarius. The sun in this expansive Air sign brings innovative ideas that can inspire and uplift your life. This sign opens to the full expanse of the Air realm by moving awareness out to the cosmic perspective of the sun, moon, and stars. As you stretch your point of view to this vast outlook, you can gain new ideas and insights to stimulate your life plan.

If you were working with the timings during the Sun in Capricorn window from December 21, 2015 – January 19, 2016, you most likely created your solid plan for the year ahead. It is time to allow Aquarius to work its magic. The Sun in Aquarius will give you a big overview of your life and help you put more goals and dreams in writing.

Cancer Full Moon 2015

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Cancer Full Moon 

Red moon over the sea

Element: Full Moon in Cancer, Water • Sun in Capricorn, Earth

Window: December 24-26

Exact: December 25 – 6:11 am Eastern


The Full Moon in Cancer shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending. As the Capricorn sun reminds you to structure your goals, craft the year ahead, and handle administrative duties, the Cancer moon reminds you to lovingly nurture all that’s growing in your life.

Sun Enters Sagittarius 2015

Sun Enters Sagittarius


Element: Fire

Window: November 22 – December 20

Exact: November 22 – 10:26a.m. Eastern

As the sun changes its gate of awareness during this window, you may notice the subtle shift of elemental focus. The sun moves into one of the three fire signs, Sagittarius, and will stay there until December 20. Sagittarius carries with it tremendous gifts and the need for responsible care that any fire brings. The fuel of the expansive Sagittarius sun only comes once a year. Use this powerful energy to give the much-needed spark of life to the world that, until now, you have only dreamt of.

Taurus Full Moon 2015

Taurus Full Moon



Element: Full Moon in Taurus, Earth • Sun in Scorpio, Water

Window: October 26-28

Exact: October 27 – 8:05 am Eastern


The earthy full moon Taurus, with the sun in watery Scorpio, brings creation magic. This juicy, lusty combination of signs brings a connection to pleasure, beauty, and intimacy that expresses physically and emotionally. These two signs can unite in many different ways from tantric lovemaking to joining the power of the Water realm to magnetize your desires to fully come into physical form.

No matter how you choose to work with this powerful combination, they bring the ability to connect the watery feeling source with the physical realm. This creates a potent window to feel the fulfillment of your dreams anchoring solidly on the Earth.

Sun Enters Scorpio 2015

Sun Enters Scorpio


Element: Water

Sun in Scorpio Window: October 23 – November 21

Sun in Scorpio Exact: October 23 – 1:47 pm Eastern

The sun moves into Scorpio as the shadows grow longer each day and the nights lengthen. This deeply feeling Water sign knows how to traverse the terrain between shadow and light. This archetype helps us feel, understand, and embrace all parts of life, not just the pretty, light, and shiny parts.

In order to assist us in claiming our wholeness, Scorpio helps us face the shadowy aspects of earthly life, where we experience things that may be muddy or messy, and where we feel fear, frustration, sadness, anger, or hurt. Here, we learn to deal with the times when we are exposed to abandonment, loss, death, grief, depression, and the dark night of the soul. Destruction or release of the old happens hand-in-hand with creation and the bringing forth of a new energy. Only by acknowledging and being willing to let go of an old form can we enter the dark, quiet, gestational period required for our new creations to emerge.


HANDOUTSEquinox Dance


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September Equinox
Sun Enters Libra 2015

fall 15

Element: Sun in Libra, Air
Window Autumnal Equinox: September 22-24
Exact Autumnal Equinox:  September 23 – 4:21 am Eastern
Window Sun in Libra:  September 23 – October 22
Exact Sun in Libra:  September 23 – 4:21 am Eastern 


Autumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)…       Spring Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) click here

In the Northern Hemisphere, Autumnal Equinox and the Libra sun bring the second harvest celebration of the year as the growing cycle begins to fade away. Just as things started really heating up at the Spring Equinox for the active growing cycle to begin, Autumnal Equinox brings a change toward the reflective phase of the cycle as the turn toward the darker days of the year deepens. Now the old cycle begins to fall away as the ground prepares to rest.

Sun Enters Virgo 2015

Sun Enters Virgo

Sun Enters VirgoElement: Earth
Window: August 23 – September 22 
Exact: August 23 – 6:38 AM Eastern

From the expansive fire sign of Leo, the sun now moves into the hard-working and detailed-focused earth energy of Virgo. If there is a time each year to take care of the details of getting organized, creating new systems, or getting a routine going, this is it. Virgo loves order so the more you can handle completions and getting things around you in order, the better. The sun will support your actions for these types of activities during this window.

As the archetype of the priestess and priest, Virgo loves connecting to the sacred by honoring the seasons and cycles of the natural world. This would make a wonderful time to plan a ceremony for a life passage, the next turn of the Wheel of the Year, or simply because you want a deeper connection to the sacred in any area of your life.

Aquarius Full Moon 2015

Aquarius Full Moon

full moon dancing

Element: Full Moon in Aquarius, Air • Sun in Leo, Fire
Window: July 30 – August 1
Exact: July 31 – 6:43 AM Eastern

Full Moon in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo creates a unique opportunity to connect to the essence of free-spirited innovation and radiant self-love leadership. When you think about this combination of energies, what opens in you? Does the combination stimulate new ways of showing up as an innovative leader in your field?

This duo brings unusual ways to get your message out and be seen, a mighty Air and Fire combination. The trick with Air and Fire is that they require fast action on the innovative ideas they bring. Because fresh Air innovation blows in quickly, you have to move to set in motion the ideas they deliver. If you sit around and ponder the ideas too long, you miss the window of opportunity, and the Air gets stale and the Fire grows weak. This dynamic duo loves movement and getting it done so it can go on to the next idea. Leo/Aquarius show up only twice a year in a powerful sun/moon combination, so pay attention to the radical and inventive ways they may bring messages to you about your creations.

June Solstice ~ Sun Enters Cancer 2015

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June Solstice ~ Sun Enters Cancer

summerElement: Sun in Cancer, Water
Window Summer Solstice:
June 20-22
Exact Summer Solstice:
June 21 – 12:38 PM Eastern
Window Sun in Cancer:
June 21 – July 22
Exact Sun in Cancer:
June 21 – 12:38 PM Eastern


Summer Solstice
(Northern Hemisphere)

Solstice means “Sun Standstill” and Summer Solstice, in the Northern Hemisphere, brings us the longest day of the year. Find time to bask in the bright abundant light summer brings and enjoy the harvest as things begin to ripen around you. This is a wonderful day to consciously witness the sunrise and appreciate the blessings the solar light and fuel bring into your life.

Sun Enters Taurus 2015

Sun Enters Taurus


Element: Earth
Window: April 20 – May 20
Exact: April 20 – 5:42 AM Eastern

Ah… From the fiery, get moving Aries Sun, we now move into the pleasure days of the Taurus Sun. Taurus says, “Relax and enjoy the sensuality of spring. Open to receive the renewal that beauty brings.” It’s time to savor every moment of life and indulge your senses as you connect to the reawakening Earth. This time of year gently renews and restores both your body and soul as the healing qualities of spring flowers and the fresh leaves on the trees open to reveal their essence. The Tibetans use this time of year to heal from grief and illness by literally sitting downwind from flowers. They know the profound medicine of renewal that comes from the fresh pollen.

Sun Enters Aries 2015

Sun Enters AriesYoung woman enjoying sunlight with raised arms in canola field

Element:  Sun in Aries, Fire 
Window Sun in Aries:  March 20 – April 19
Exact Sun Enters Aries:  March 20 – 6:45 PM Eastern

Aries says, “Get a move on it! Either get going or get out of the way.” When the sun moves into this fiery sign you need to concentrate on taking action. However, make sure your actions are strategic so they can dynamically help propel your creations forward. Use this Aries fuel.

Ask yourself what actions would make the biggest difference in your outcome. Often taking one or two very strategic steps will produce changes in many areas of your life and business. Spending a little time thinking your actions through before you get going will make a difference in your results.

Sun Enters Pisces 2015


Sun Enters Pisces

Element: Water
Window: February 18 – March 19
Exact: February 18 – 6:48 p.m. Eastern

Aquarius New Moon Window through Feb 19

Pisces connects you to the vast ocean of the imaginable realm. Here you can lay your head back and relax into the watery dreamy realm and float in an endless sea of possibilities. Your soul can find creative and spiritual nourishment here as you swim in the deep watery merger with others and the Divine.

Pisces joins in mystical union with the Divine, bringing psychic insights and intuition. Imagine a quiet rainy day where you are drawn inside to a still space to simply be and reflect. Pisces Sun creates a wonderful opportunity for introspection before the active growing cycle begins. It brings much needed renewal.

Aquarius New Moon ~ Sun Enters Aquarius 2015

 art abstract night sky background

Aquarius New Moon

Element: Air

Window: January 19-21

Exact: January 20 – 7:59a.m. Eastern

This new moon brings you innovative and progressive original ideas to help you gain insight and get a cosmic perspective on your life vision. This is the time to launch new ideas, explore unconventional and unique systems, create your own way of doing things, and take risks. Aquarius’s ability to revolutionize your thinking helps you to take a quantum leap in some area of your life.

In the expanded Air realm of Aquarius, you have the ability like the wild scientist in the laboratory to suddenly receive a brand new radical idea that directly aligns you with what you might have been working for years to create. In this profound alignment of insight and intuition, your dreams can literally vibrate themselves into being, or you might receive tremendous clarity as to how what actions you need to take.

Winter Solstice ~ Sun Enters Capricorn ~ Capricorn New Moon 2014

Stonehenge, England

Winter Solstice

Northern Hemisphere

Element: Earth    
Winter Solstice Window: December 20-22
Winter Solstice Exact: December 21 – 6:03pm Eastern

When a new moon and Wheel of the Year point
align it forms a super charged creation window!

Solstice means “Sun Standstill,” and Winter Solstice is the shortest day and darkest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the place on the Wheel where the sun, which went deep into the dark space of the womb during Samhain, is reborn. After this point you see a gradual day-by-day increase in light until it reaches its peak at Summer Solstice and begins its turn toward the darkness once again.