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A beautiful deck that’s great for oracle readers, personal use, conscious dance classes, and workshop facilitation!

Winter Solstice ~ Sun Enters Capricorn ~ Capricorn New Moon 2014

Stonehenge, England

Winter Solstice

Northern Hemisphere

Element: Earth    
Winter Solstice Window: December 20-22
Winter Solstice Exact: December 21 – 6:03pm Eastern

When a new moon and Wheel of the Year point
align it forms a super charged creation window!

Solstice means “Sun Standstill,” and Winter Solstice is the shortest day and darkest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the place on the Wheel where the sun, which went deep into the dark space of the womb during Samhain, is reborn. After this point you see a gradual day-by-day increase in light until it reaches its peak at Summer Solstice and begins its turn toward the darkness once again.

An Elemental Prayer for You This Thanksgiving 2014

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Elemental Honoring Prayer
Great Spirit, source of all that is, thank you for the blessing and gift of my life.
Your essence moves through all realms and teaches me the interconnectedness of all life.
Thank you for blessing me with abundant grace and trust in life, even during times of transformation and change. 
Precious Earth, the beauty of nature uplifts and nourishes my body and soul.
As I dance my life to your sacred cycles, you remind me to take solid, grounded steps building firm creation foundations with gratitude.
Thank you for blessing me with Earth-honoring abundance that ripens into a harvest so bountiful that I need to share it.
Sweet Water, your essence quenches my soul’s longing for love, bringing moisture to all my dry places with your never-ending wellspring of feelings.
It is you that cleanses the body temple as you wash away my inner doubts and enliven my self-confidence.
Thank you for blessing me with the richness of relationship and the rejuvenation of Source.
Beloved Air, you bring me the breath of life and the gift of peace through perspective.
Show me how to focus my intention so I may bring forth my desires and dreams and bring inspiration to others.
Thank you for blessing me with the ability to communicate my unique vibration through you as I expand my visionary capacity.
Oh, immense Fire of illumination, you bring me the ability to see what was previously hidden as you shine your light on my life.
Through your power of action, I am able to move my life forward as your dynamic energy fuels my radiant self and connects me to my passion.
Thank you for blessing me with the right use of will, which allows me to use my power with wisdom.
Dear elemental forces I ask that you help me hold a unified field of co-creation in harmony and alignment through my sacred union with you.
Through my connection to the Divine and the natural world I hold deep compassion for the sacredness of the human experience.

Blessed be.

October Cross-Quarter 2014

Ruiny na łące i dekoracje na Halloween

Samhain traditionally celebrated on October 31

Exact Astrological Point November 7

Northern Hemisphere

The four cross-quarter days of the Wheel of the Year were considered very important by the ancient people who worked with the Wheel. Honored by many cultures as a sacred time, Samhain (pronounced Sah-win, or Sah-ween) is also known as Halloween, All Souls Night, All Hallows Eve, with the Day of the Dead, or All Souls Day following on November 1 or 2.

The medieval Irish word Samhain means summer’s end. It’s celebrated as the last of three harvest festivals (Lughnasad, being the first; Autumnal Equinox, the second), as the growing season in the Northern Hemisphere comes to a close.

This cross-quarter day begins the turn toward winter. This time of year when so many cultures honor the dead occurs just as the deepest darkness of the year begins. The solar “Sun God” traditionally is thought of as going back into the womb of the “Goddess” to gestate there, until his rebirth at Winter Solstice.

Why Your Soul Needs Hibernation
and Reflection Before Creation

meditation.sunThe dark internal gestational phase of creation gets frequently bypassed in our “rush to produce results” culture. Yet, taking the time for this critical phase can make the difference between an authentic soul-honoring creation and one that meets a surface need but doesn’t quite serve your spirit.

Sitting and listening to your inner guidance and allowing your wisdom to surface produces a depth of clarity that no amount of asking others or looking outside yourself will ever produce.

Personally, I utilize this type of quiet hibernation and soul reflection time at the end of each year—as the days grow long and dark. I examine my life and business and what I choose to call into creation next. I also do this type of inner work anytime I leave one phase of life or business—before I enter another. While doing this type of inner work I look internally for two kinds of clues to guide my next creation steps.

Evolve Your Life Purpose and Prosperity Sweet Spot

iStock_000017246305_ExtraSmallMagic happens at the sweet spot in life, music, and sports. Everything simply lines up and the energy flows in the experience as if touched by grace. When your prosperity flows from your life purpose you often find yourself magically in the sweet spot. But aligning your life purpose with your prosperity can feel full of confusion and struggle.

The struggle often begins with the common misconception many women have about their life purpose. If you are like most women, you believe your life purpose relates to the “job, work, or career” you pursue. Actually, when you fully understand life purpose, you realize there are multiple ways it can be creatively and prosperously expressed in business and in life.

Women often think their life purpose is something they define once, and then that’s it. They think that it will be clear what to do with it in the world so it generates the abundance they seek.

Your Graceful Leap into Success

Taking a leap to the next level of success in life – whether it is in relationships, finances, business, career, health, or service to the world – usually requires an increase in awareness of what is happening in our inner world. Each and every time I’ve expanded my capacity in my life or business I’ve had to do my inner development work first.

There are certain things I’ve discovered along the way that have helped me tremendously in understanding how to navigate my inner world. Grace-filled success is not simply what happens in the outer world. It’s also how we internally handle the situations that life presents to us.