Breakthrough Your Money Blocks & Increase Your Income Flow

Two Great Increase Your Money Flow Programs
for Less than the Price of One Training

A rare opportunity to work with these two programs
that are normally reserved as extensive program bonuses only!

Program 1

Creating a Money Breakthrough for Your Life and Business

Your relationship with money dynamically impacts your business!

Module #1: Healing Your Family’s Money Legacy

Module #2: Forgiving Debt and Other Guilty Money Issues

Module #3: Creating Accountability and Action

Module #4: Claim Your Money Power

Module #5: Revealing Your Sacred Relationship with Money

$250 Value

Program 2

Elementally Clearing Your Money Matrix & Activating Your Organic Wealth Creation Consciousness

All on Replay. Start Clearing Your Money Energetic Blocks As Soon As You Sign Up!

Here is the overview of what you will experience and activate…

Class One Earth

  • Learn how the element of Earth impacts your wealth creation consciousness.
  • Clear energies that block your wealth building capacity in this realm such as guilt over past financial mistakes, self-judgment, and more.
  • Activate the solid earth based skills you need in your consciousness to build wealth.

Class Two Water

  • Learn how the element of Water reflects your wealth creation consciousness.
  • Clear limiting childhood money programming, wash away feelings of shame and doubt that decrease your flow, and stop your money leaks.
  • Activate the watery wealth consciousness skills of nourishment, regeneration, and magnetization for your finances to flow.

Class Three Air

  • Learn how the element of Air vibrates your wealth creation consciousness.
  • Clear old mental models and beliefs that impede your financial success.
  • Activate Air wealth consciousness skills that help you stay in the vibration of abundant expansion.

Class Four Fire

  • Learn how the element of Fire energizes your wealth creation consciousness.
  • Clear shadowy actions that decrease your ability to fuel your prosperity.
  • Activate the dynamic and rhythmic Fire skills you need to energize your wealth consciousness and claim your financial power.

Class Five Spirit

  • Learn how Spirit dances through your wealth creation consciousness.
  • Clear old patterns of spiritual separation around money that block your abundance.
  • Activate the Spirit skills you need of divine grace and trust flowing through your wealth consciousness to align with the prosperity you desire.

 $250 Value


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