Balanced Divine Leadership

March 8 • International Women’s Day • Moon lands in Leo at 11:45am Eastern (Fire) • Sun Pisces (Water). Let’s focus today on increasing feminine leadership starting with the Divine.

The lens used for naming the Divine influences our collective leadership experience. Framing the Divine as “God” in strictly masculine terms sets up a belief system where “made in the image” male leadership dominates our awareness. In this type of model, even women are trained to call on the masculine, internally and externally, to lead their lives and unconsciously learn to devalue feminine leadership and wisdom.

This type of collective dismissal of feminine leadership principles creates a cultural system where girls and women are too often dismissed, objectified, and suppressed. Frequently, we see evidence of misogynistic brutal control inflicted in the name of purely male-centered “God” in patriarchal religious cultures.

So how do we collectively heal hierarchical dominance? By opening the door for sacred right-balanced relationship between the feminine and masculine.

We begin with the Divine, where we honor both the Divine Feminine and Masculine. We acknowledge the word God/dess contains the word God, priest/ess contains priest, s/he contains he but not the other way around.

Inclusion like this brings wholeness. It restores balance. It paves the way for global gender equality. It brings equal opportunity for the education of both girls and boys.

The Divine Feminine honors the cycles and seasons of nature, and of life. In Feminine leadership, the natural rhythms of the earth, sun, moon, and stars are observed just as the relationships between the earth and sky, nature and humanity, are valued.

In families and communities, the Divine Feminine brings awareness to the way change affects life by creating time and space to honor life passages.

Leadership based in the Divine Feminine counsels and supports others in times of crisis, transition, healing, and creation. The use of prayers, meditation, deep listening, or simply being present, bringing awareness, and attentive witnessing to a situation is valued. Creative pursuits such as dance, art, writing, music, theatre, ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations are important to the Divine Feminine leader.

It’s this type of support that heals the planet and creates an opening for collaboration and inclusion vs. divisiveness and exclusion.

Inclusion like this creates room in churches, temples, and holy gatherings for women’s and men’s spiritual leadership.

In governments, including the Feminine, brings the Earth, children, families, and community to the forefront of our awareness.

Collectively, the balance of our planet rests on an inclusive model of leadership rather than one of exclusion based on masculine vs. feminine polarities.

Ponder this idea today and comment below on how what it moves in you. I’d love to hear how you honor women on this day.


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