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Atlanta is a special city full of wonderful things to see and do. I have a couple of favorites to share in case you can extend your stay or can fit them in during the evenings….Lisa

Stone Mountain: It is said to be the largest granite mountain and was once a meeting place for the indigenous people of the area. There is a lovely hotel located on the grounds as well as good camping along the lake. You can hike up the mountain or take the sky lift.

JeJu Spa: Is a fantastic Korean Spa full of wonderful ways to relax and get filled up with wonderful food and beauty. You can go spend as much time as you want for the basic entrance fee of $25 (in 2010) or add all sorts of great well priced services to your visit.

Hindu Temple: One of four large Hindu temples in North America. It is an outstanding place to experience. Go if you can when the sacred shrines are open.

Callaway Gardens and the Atlanta Botanical Garden are two wonderful nature spots in or near Atlanta.

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