About Natural Rhythms Institute


At the Natural Rhythms™ Institute, Nature and a direct connection to Source functions as your fundamental teacher. In our products and programs, we provide environments and experiences for you to deepen your ability to connect directly to that wisdom and life guidance.

Through our Accelerated Learning based workshops, degree program, home study courses, one-on-one coaching and products you will learn to…

  • Align your mind and heart for greater health, inner peace, creativity, well being, and balance.
  • Uncover the natural secrets of fertile abundance.
  • Find ways to drop your baggage and fully claim your passion.
  • Connect to ancient wisdom and increase your ability to thrive.
  • Dramatically improve your relationship with yourself, the people in your life, and the world around you.
  • Get in sync with nature’s rhythms and maximize your effectiveness.
  • Fire up your ability to take successful action.
  • Listen to the life guiding wisdom found by connecting to the elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit.

The Natural Rhythms teachings have helped thousands of people improve their lives, deepen their connection to the sacred, and strengthen their inner wisdom. Lisa Michaels developed this powerful body of work over her lifetime with many workshop participants, over the last 10 years, adding the insights of their practical life application.

Lisa’s years as a ballet teacher and dance studio owner brings a unique feature to her facilitation and to all the Natural Rhythms training programs. The Natural Rhythms body centered movement approach helps you ground your actions, get your energy in motion, and propels your life forward. These teachings also assists you in developing core “grace” from which to express and experience the creational dance of your life.


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