5 Life Purpose & Prosperity Creation Tools

5 Life Purpose & Prosperity Creation Tools

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Learn how the players on your unique inner creation
team impact your life-purpose, prosperity, and passion.

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

Watch this presentation to find out…

Secret #1: The 4 powerful primary energies that make up any creation team and why you need to understand their differences to create more success.

Secret #2: The key ways those 4 energies sub-divide and express and why the subtle difference between them matters to your creations.

Secret #3: How uncovering your creation team core purpose can get your life unstuck and your success flowing — impacting your prosperity, passion, and overall happiness.

Secret #4: The #1 mistake people make in working with their creation team to uncover their life purpose.

Secret #5: The 3 core players on your creation team and why you need to know their talents and skills to succeed just as much as a premier dance company needs to understand the strengths of their lead dancer or a great football team their star quarter-back.

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  1. Linda Ellinor

    Hi Lisa: I’ve been following you since I got connected via Cayelin Castell when she did the Atlanta workshop with you. Great job in marketing BTW with all you do. I would have attended your free presentation, but have an event I’m hosting at that exact time here in Tubac, AZ. I may be out in the Atlanta area this summer and fall. Might be interesting to meet. I’m involved now with the SAMS board and am learning shamanic astrology as quickly as I can master it. I also used to do coaching and team building work – so the astrology is such a great tool as I am rerearing up to do this again. I like how you’re interwoven the astrology in your coaching work. Very nice. Best, Linda Ellinor 707 217-6675

  2. Lisa Michaels

    Hi Linda, I would love to connect when you are in Atlanta. Keep up the good work learning astrology. Blessings, Lisa

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