29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace


29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace:
Transforming Fear through the Power of Love


29 Simple “Getting Back to Grace” Support Tips

Habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting can sabotage your dreams or support your success. Everyone confronts soul transformation at various points along their life path. How you move through it depends on your consciousness. You can struggle and collapse in defeat or you can find ways to fill your soul with wisdom-making grace. The choice is yours.

In this special 29-day program I’ll walk you through many of the frustrations and stumbling blocks that people encounter along their journey and will supply you with soul tools to help create success. No matter what level of success you are currently experiencing this 29 days will help “take you to the next level.”

The presentations will align your energy and assist you in re-focusing your subconscious mind and actively directing your conscious mind.

This program is designed to fit into busy lifestyles in a way that will help you bring more awareness and grace to your creation abilities.

You will receive an email each day with a quick yet powerful 4 to 29 minute audio teaching to assist you in creating a flourishing grace-filled life.

All of the audios and transcripts for each day are also posted on a password-protected web page for easy access, making it simple for you to catch up or review at any time.

Activate deep grace in your life starting today!

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“I love how this program (29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace) is delivered! I like how each audio layers practices for deepening my everyday grace. The daily mini-trainings lead me to meditative reflection, enlightenment and actionable next steps. Your explanations of the benefits of incorporating each element via small daily actions make the teachings easy to digest and act on. Even though I’ve been studying natural rhythms and the elemental forces with you for a number of seasons, The 29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace program delivers fresh content in a unique way. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to hear your message in these short sound bytes of juicy information. I highly recommend the program to anyone who wants to create a daily practice of elemental connection. Thank you so much!”    

~Debra Marrs

Leap into Grace!

Here are just some of the benefits you will receive with this program.

You will…

~ Learn to navigate through your fear of failure to achieve soul-filled success. 

~ Stop dancing in circles and utilize the power of rhythm to activate your creations.

~ Confront the obstacles of self-doubt and self-worth to ignite deep grace.

~ Break through your old programming to find the true value of your life journey.

~ Discover potent life creation allies in the elements of Nature.


“Reconnecting to nature using the tools and wisdom of the elements as taught by Lisa Michaels has assisted me to feel all my aliveness and bring into fruition things I had only dreamed of before doing this work.”  

~Judy Keating, MA, Natural Rhythms Expert


The 29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace was awesome.  Between the daily recordings and the audio book I gained clarity about the elements and creation principles.  I will use what I’ve learned to create a life of my dreams having recently left a 30 year marketing career in corporate America. 

~Linda Meed

Begin Igniting Deep Grace Today!

Program Schedule

Day 1: 
What’s grace got to do with it? Learn the potency of rhythm in creating the life of your desires. Utilize the power of the new moon.

Day 2: 
Understand the doorways to transformation — the “dark night of the soul”, Innana’s descent, adversity, an initiation cycle, a health crisis, the death of a loved one, financial struggle, frustration, your next steps in life and business, or the inner call to create a better life. The passage fills with more grace when you consciously engage the soul’s call to change.

Day 3:
Spirit moves the soul: find the source of creation within, for your life and business success.

Day 4: 
Your inner nature and the natural world.

Day 5:
Four faces of fear and how to successfully navigate through them.

Day 6:
Recognize the various voices of the ego so you can quickly shift from sabotaging to supporting yourself.

Day 7:
The importance of consciously clearing with and directing Nature’s sacred forces of creation for success.

Day 8:
How the feminine and masculine elemental axes impact your ability to bring your creations into form.

Day 9:
The alchemy of purpose and planning.

Day 10:
Develop your Earth building skills.

Day 11:
Weed out what you no longer require on the physical realm to make space for new growth.

Day 12:
Receive your next steps guidance from Earth.

Day 13:
Work with Water’s ability to mirror and magnetize.

Day 14:
Deal with undercurrent and undertow. Wash away your old emotional patterns.

Day 15:
Receive guidance from Water and source your success with self-support.

Day 16:
Air as the animating and directive force of creation. 

Day 17:
Face the truth of belief, perspective, and the power of word.

Day 18:
Learn to keep your purpose-filled focus through a wave of fear-based thinking to create results. Receive guidance from Air.

Day 19:
Claim a deeper level of power with Fire to propel your creations forward.

Day 20:
Move through a land mine of seeming defeat and botched attempts and find the passion and energy to fuel the actions you need to thrive.

Day 21:
Receive guidance from the illuminating force of Fire and discover shamanic tools to help you find your way in the dark.

Day 22:
Maintain a direct connection to the Divine as your essence expresses in the world.

Day 23:
Find a creation-filled soul support system and receive guidance from Spirit.

Day 24:
Dance through self-doubt on your journey.

Day 25:
Gracefully working with the Mystery of Creation.

Day 26:
The Unified Field: why all of the elemental forces must be aligned for you to create success.

Day 27:
Claim the power of love.

Day 28:
Make your personal medicine. Why everything you go through matters. Increase wisdom along your journey.

Day 29:
Ignite deep grace and celebrate.

KEHw3FtahV55RNbRsYJbq_Dk_kgmsEQO0NTr5M_F2CM“I’ve been doing Lisa’s program “29 Days to Ignite Grace”. It is helping me to delve deep inside me everyday so I can be more aware of my thoughts and emotions. It helped me heal in such a short time. Healing that I have paid lots of money for over the years seeing shrink once a week.

The first week of the program I decided to not print everything out all at once. I printed out one weeks worth of the recording so I wouldn’t be tempted to just breeze through it in a couple of days. I allowed each email to come everyday to remind me and hold me accountable for going through with the whole thing. I admit I did get behind a couple of times. It made me feel very emotional that I got behind. Why? Was I being graded? Was I under a strict deadline from a boss? No. It was just me. I would feel guilty because I couldn’t get a chance to listen to that days recording. What I didn’t realize was that this was a deep rooted issue that needed clearing, and that’s why it was bubbling to the surface. It wasn’t until I finally took a moment to reflect and realize that the reason I kept getting behind was because it took my soul longer to digest and throw up what wasn’t needed anymore.

I had been in an emotional undertow for many, many years. The feeling of not good enough cause I couldn’t accomplish something in a timely manner, and feeling not good enough because the person I was trying to impress with love, didn’t love me back the way I thought I needed to be loved, had surfaced and needed to be skimmed. It’s ok to get behind. There is a reason.

This is just practice, and because I love myself, I show up. You don’t learn everything over night. Patience. Stay focused on your purpose. Change your perspective on things.

Thank you dear Lisa! I thank God/dess I met you and allowed you to fertilize a seed within.”

~Melody Jones

“Attending Lisa Michaels’ workshops has awakened a deep, wise, powerful and intuitive part of myself that was asleep. I have manifested things I never before thought possible and I feel more alive and vibrant. Lisa is a delightful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and models how to be fully present with another human being with deep compassion. What I have learned from her has made my life more, juicy!”       

~Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD



This program includes the bonus ELEMENTAL FORCES OF CREATION AUDIO BOOK MP3 – 

4.5 hours of elemental wisdom to develop your capacity to work with these potent forces. 

$24.99 Additional Value 

Activate deep grace in your life starting today!


This program supports your experience by itself, with
Life Creation 101, or any of our other trainings.

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