Your Graceful Leap into Success

Taking a leap to the next level of success in life – whether it is in relationships, finances, business, career, health, or service to the world – usually requires an increase in awareness of what is happening in our inner world. Each and every time I’ve expanded my capacity in my life or business I’ve had to do my inner development work first.

There are certain things I’ve discovered along the way that have helped me tremendously in understanding how to navigate my inner world. Grace-filled success is not simply what happens in the outer world. It’s also how we internally handle the situations that life presents to us.

From listening to my coaching clients and those I facilitate in workshops, I find that people face similar scenarios as they focus on creating the life and business success they choose to experience. As they expand, they bump up against old beliefs about themselves, old feelings of inadequacy, an overall feeling of disbelief about their capacity to produce results; they may also experience a deeply transformational event in their lives, which leads to a soul “knowing” about what actions are in full alignment with how they want to live in the world.

I know from my years as a ballet teacher and then my years of supporting others in their personal, spiritual, and business development that skills strengthen over time. In order to improve anything we need consistent practice and focus.

Mastery develops in a couple of ways. It stabilizes in the physical world with step-by-step skill development. We can also take a quantum leap in our abilities by aligning energetically with where we want to be and with people who are experiencing the level of success that we choose to obtain.

Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson say in their wonderful book You Can Create An Exceptional Life: “Every day our creative currency of thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are working in Divine cooperation with the energy of the Universe to create our lives. By focusing our energy in a positive way, we are far more likely to generate good experiences. It’s really that simple. Staking claim to this creative power and using your energy wisely can be challenging at first. After all, most of us have been trained to live in fear and to think and act defensively—looking for what doesn’t work, what might go wrong, or what isn’t good about our lives.”

I know from experience that what they say is true; in life energy flows where attention is focused. The element of Air teaches us about the mental realm. It is invisible and yet is the animating force of creation. Our mind – through the power of our thoughts, directs the forces of creation in our life. In the same way Air breathes life into the physical body it brings our creations to life through the focus and intention of our thoughts and words.

Louise Hay has been teaching about the power of affirmations for many years. Using affirmations as a tool for directing our mental power will assist us in creating the energetic and vibrational tone we want to hold, which helps us align with what we choose to bring forth.

For many people, old issues of perfection stop their forward progress. It’s easy to fall into the mental trap of believing “if my creation is not here yet, it’s not coming, and I should just stop going for it.”  But honestly, that is like taking a couple of ballet classes and then expecting dancing perfection.  Only through repeated practice, realignment, adjustment, and continual growth, can you move into creation grace. You have to release the need to get it right so you can actually reach mastery.

Looking for even the tiniest evidence of success will support your journey. Nature shows us this all the time: tiny seeds take root and grow over time into life-producing plants and strong trees. Remember that it takes time for things to grow and develop in the physical world. 

Over the next few days ask yourself some questions:

Do I look for evidence of success?

Do I keep my mental energy focused on what I am choosing to create in life and business?

Where do I need more practice to produce better results?

Do I need to be more patient with my development?

Am I open to receiving creation grace?

As you answer these questions and notice your answers, have fun taking a leap into graceful success.

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