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Week 13: 

The Goddess gift of Wisdom emerges from deep integration. Deep integration like this means consciously bringing all your learning and knowing into the tapestry that embodies your unique gifts. It means all your experiences and trainings coming together to form a tapestry of inner wisdom. When you consciously weave the individual threads of your life into your unique tapestry, these threads get evaluated, sorted, and spun into a new level of awareness.

Imagine one thread being woven with another. Once threads like this that formerly seemed as though they were separate streams of life are woven together, a deeper matrix of wholeness emerges. This weaving gives you a more stable awareness of your inner truth and the unique wisdom that is yours to carry. While the threads are the same as the previous individual strands, when woven together they create an entirely new fabric of expression for a new level of wisdom.

There comes a time when all of your experiences need to merge into a fresh awareness to significantly bring you more wisdom and creative expression to share with the world.

Consider all your life experiences. Your teachers and teachings. How you know what you know. The inner gifts you’ve received that inform who you are and how you show up in the world. No one else has experienced what you have, nor as you have. Conscious integration means you’re cognizant of all these unique threads, and now you’re weaving them together into your one-of-a-kind fabric. This is what elevates your awareness that becomes the tapestry of gifts that you’ll share with others.

Collectively, we need the wisdom of women. And we need the women who’ve woven their tapestries to join together and to sew the individual patches of wisdom into an enormous quilt, creating one large enough to wrap the world in the warm embrace of the wise woman.

A web of energy like this brings forth the Goddess gifts of women as a collective. For eons, women have been coming together, sitting in circles and Red Tents, sharing as sisters, mothers and grandmothers the Goddess gift of wisdom. With one another. With their progeny. And with all who are attracted to their messages.

Wrapped in this embrace of wisdom there is…
~ support for creative pursuits.
~ a place for feminine and masculine values.
~ a world-wide circle of wise women to go to for guidance.
~ honoring for your personal journey.
~ a way to support those in need.
~ a heart-centered awareness for life.
~ respect for nature and her guiding wisdom.
~ valuing of the natural rhythms of life.

This week to assist in the development of your inner wisdom
~ be in silence some portion of your week to strengthen your inner guidance.
~ spend ample time in nature to access the forces of creation.
~ pay attention to the rhythms of nature to develop a deeper awareness of right timing.
~ spend some time in the company of other women.
~ allow space in your life to weave your inner threads into your wisdom tapestry.

Notice how wisdom calls you to a deeper space inside of yourself this week.

Ask yourself…

How am I being called to weave threads of my life together for greater wisdom?

How am I being called to weave threads of my business together to stand as a wiser leader?

How can I allow the wise woman within to take root at a deeper level inside me?

Have a wisdom-developing week.

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Bestselling author and Divine Feminine leader, Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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  1. Rasz

    I love the thought of all the tapestries of every woman sewn together to wrap the world. How powerful that would be, and how healing. Beautiful words of Wisdom for this week. Thank you Lisa.

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