Why Your Soul Needs Hibernation
and Reflection Before Creation

meditation.sunThe dark internal gestational phase of creation gets frequently bypassed in our “rush to produce results” culture. Yet, taking the time for this critical phase can make the difference between an authentic soul-honoring creation and one that meets a surface need but doesn’t quite serve your spirit.

Sitting and listening to your inner guidance and allowing your wisdom to surface produces a depth of clarity that no amount of asking others or looking outside yourself will ever produce.

Personally, I utilize this type of quiet hibernation and soul reflection time at the end of each year—as the days grow long and dark. I examine my life and business and what I choose to call into creation next. I also do this type of inner work anytime I leave one phase of life or business—before I enter another. While doing this type of inner work I look internally for two kinds of clues to guide my next creation steps.

First, I look at what bounty and gifts were brought forth in the last growing phase. I examine all that I have to be grateful for. I honor the work I’ve done, my creative partners, my business team, and the forces of creation for assisting me in bringing this abundance forth.

Then secondly, I turn my awareness to the things my soul has been saying to me. What has it been hungry for and craving? What do I need for greater wholeness and creation capacity? What no longer serves me that it’s time to let go of?

Sometimes it’s even important to release old dreams and desires that you’ve outgrown or moved past.

When you do this level of gestational work before you begin creating in a new phase, it’s easier to bring forth your true desires. You change over time and so do your dreams and desires. It’s important to be current and in alignment with where you are in your life and business right now.

Here are three ideas to get you started with your soul gestation time:

      1. Give yourself permission to reflect. Get your journal, a cup of tea, and sit by the fire or a glowing candle. Create a cozy environment for your time with yourself.
      2. Look back over the previous growing cycle and give thanks to all that has come forth. Write these down in your journal. It really helps you to see your progress.
      3. Now ask your soul what it truly desires next in life and/or business? What does it long to create? What does it want to experience in life? What authentic dreams are important for you to fulfill in this lifetime? For even deeper clarity, ask what is it about these desires that makes them important to you.

Reflection like this is essential for bringing into form authentic, divinely inspired creations. Be mindful of your dreams during this time too, both your awake dreams and while sleeping. The soul often speaks to you in images, symbols, and feelings.

During this gestational time, pay careful attention. You never know what secret longing may be revealed.


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