52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Wholeness

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 48:

The Goddess Gift of wholeness is a state of inclusiveness that encompasses all aspects of consciousness and calls on us to value all as sacred.

Wholeness includes both your ability to separate and to function in a model of inclusion. In other words, you are not simply either whole or separate, light or dark, receptive or active. You are both… and. Your nature is one of wholeness, and you embody the capacity to separate, to work with both light and dark, to function in both receptive and active ways. You are Spirit and matter.

Each element—Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit—and its respective realm play an essential part in your capacity to function fully. When you honor each one of them for their sacred purpose, you experience the Goddess Gift of wholeness.

Separation, or individuation, functions as a developmental aspect of wholeness. You can separate the elemental forces one from another to explore them, work with them, understand them, and commune with them. Yet, ultimately, they cannot be separated.

Can you separate earth from sky? Can you separate your breath from your body and still exist in this physical form? The elements are interconnected, even while you find tremendous benefit in working with their separate characteristics to deepen your awareness of them.

The Goddess Gift of wholeness reminds us to hold in balance interconnectedness alongside separation rather than rejecting, denying, dismissing, or diminishing either of them.

In fact, rejection of any one part of the whole diminishes your capacity for a consciousness of wholeness. When you dismiss, deny, or deem inferior any one part of creation, it leads to deep imbalance within yourself and within the world.

This type of imbalance creates separation that leads to cultural wounding as we’ve seen by examples throughout our past, and those that continue into the present—when one sex is considered superior to the other, or one skin color or religion is held as better than another, for example.

The Goddess Gift of wholeness reminds us to value all aspects of creation.

When you consider the physical world as less than the spiritual world, and diminish its value, you may experience an internal separation of Spirit and matter.

This separation has led to a disconnection from the Earth Mother and treating the earth in ways that don’t serve personal wholeness nor the wholeness of the planet. As a result of humanity’s energetic disconnection from the earth, many areas of our beautiful planet have been stripped bare and are environmentally imbalanced.

Spirit is continuously expressing in this world of form. In order to have a spiritual experience in the physical realm, you need both your earthen body and our beautiful planet. Only when you honor our planet and your body as sacred vessels can you begin to fully connect Spirit and matter.

With better and deeper respect for the Earth Mother, wholeness—both physically and spiritually—can be restored.

Likewise, when you consider the mental realm as better than the emotional realm, you create an internal split between head and heart. To truly be effective in life and in alignment with all parts of yourself, you need to value the wisdom of both the head and the heart.

The Goddess Gift of wholeness reminds us to care for all aspects of creation equally.

This week, in the spirit of inclusiveness, be mindful of your physical self, your emotional self, your thinking, ideating self, your action-taking self as one integration of Spirit that lives in you.

In what ways are you called to more wholeness this week?

– Have you rejected any parts of yourself?

– Do you include the wisdom’s of your head, heart, and body when making decisions?

– Connect with wholeness this week and see what it reveals to you.

Much love and gratitude for you.


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