Where Did My Life Purpose Go?

Woman lying on yellow leavesHelp! Where Did My Life Purpose Go? And How Do I Find It?

Are you desperately searching for something, but have no idea what it is or where to find it? 

Chances are, you’re going through a major life change such as the loss of a job, divorce, financial difficulty, illness, or the death of a family member.

Perhaps you’re simply responding to a feeling of ongoing discontent. Whatever the case, you’ve misplaced the meaning in your life, and don’t know where to find it.

The answer likely lies within. That’s where you’ll find the voice of your feminine spirit, and the wisdom you need to move through the difficulty, find your courage, and manifest the life, relationships, and business you desire.

How do you know if a journey into your inner terrain – and divine feminine spirit within – is for you?

You may feel:
– The need to deepen your soul-level experiences.
– Your inner essence feels depleted, and you feel anxious, worried, or distressed.
– The things you’re “doing” in life feel endless and without purpose.
– You’ve lost control of your life.
– Inner experience and outer expression are out of sync.
– You can’t seem to find your rhythm.

If one of these descriptors fits you, it may be time to find your natural place in the world and cultivate the quiet, slow place of unfolding.

When you’ve lost your way, it’s a sign you’ve lost your connection with the divine feminine. Spend time in quiet contemplation and connect to the goddess within. Allow yourself time, even moments, to connect with this feminine presence within.

Begin a dialogue with her. Call upon her for the answers you seek.

Then, open your journal. Ask your inner voice what messages she has for your life, prosperity and business, and write into that truth.

Now, heighten the messages you’re receiving even further by connecting with the elemental forces of nature: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Each element carries with it its own distinct message. And where they come together, these four elements combine in divine union as Spirit, bringing forth the unique essence of you.

Open to each element; consider how each might guide you deeper into your truth.

Earth teaches us that we need solid foundations and structures, beauty and aesthetics, in order to feel grounded in our world. If you’re experiencing significant life changes, you may feel adrift in the Earth realm. Connect to Earth and listen for what Earth wants to say to you about creating your own sacred space in the physical realm.

The Water realm is the emotional realm. It’s also the realm that connects us to our self-esteem. Significant life events often create a rocky emotional time for us. You may recognize you’d like to focus on your emotional maturity or inner child work. Connect with Water and listen for what Water wants to say to you about your current relationships and how you feel about them.

Air is the mental realm. It teaches us that our ideas and thoughts carry with them vibrations that attract fulfillment of our deepest desires. Connect with Air and listen to what it wants to say to you about consciously setting your vibrational tone.

Fire is the action realm. Through the energy of Fire, we activate our dreams, desires and intentions. Fire ignites things, puts ideas and plans into action, and melds energetic pieces into our unique whole, or life purpose. Connect with Fire. What does Fire want to say to you about taking right actions?

During life changes, it’s so important to deepen your connection with your inner divine guidance alongside the elemental forces of nature as you create a life, business or relationship you love.





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