Week 37: Weeding

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 37:

The Goddess gift of weeding helps you release what you no longer require on the physical realm in order to make space for new growth.

Whenever you desire new growth on the physical level, it involves making space. When the new growth involves something that’s going to be in your life long-term, you also need to create additional time to tend to it, or set aside time towards tending to it. For example, when you bring a new baby into your life, you need physical room for the addition to your family, and you need time to tend to that sweet baby.

The same is true when you create a business. If you are just getting started creating a business, then you have to have physical space to run the business, and time to handle it. New growth in your garden requires clearing out the old area so that the new growth can come, or you might need to cut back last year’s growth and clear the space. Fresh energy in your home, your office, or your closet means letting go of what is no longer needed in order for the new to come in.

Because everything on the physical realm requires tending.

If you’ve got a lot of old, physical stuff that you are not actively using, it’s still taking up your psychic energy – it’s still taking up energy in your life. So it’s best to release it to make energetic space. Also, you want to be conscious about what you’re filling that empty space with. The more intentional you are with how you’re shaping that growth, the more effective your creations are going to be.

You just want to get really mindful about looking around your life. What is it time to let go of, and where do you need more order and systems to manage your physical world so you can expand your success?

This week, look around your life and business to determine what needs to be weeded out in order for you to expand and grow to your full expression.

List 3 areas in your home that need weeding and clearing. 

Now, list 3 areas in your business that need weeding and clearing.

A big secret to staying out of overwhelm is weeding one area of your life or business at a time. If you focus on doing one area at a time, and stay focused on that until you are complete, you will have much, much better success. Don’t try to do everything at once because that creates more chaos and stress.

Ask yourself what will make the most impactful change for you right now, and focus on that area first. Then proceed to the next.

Have a tending and clearing focused week.



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