Weak Intentions or Powerful Creation Completions. What Makes The Difference?

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Are you one of those people who sets an intention and then sits around waiting for it to manifest? If so, you are leaving out one of the most important ingredients of creation: Fire.  Just as plants need the sun to grow, your creations must have the spark of life that Fire provides in order to spring your creations to life.

Intention focuses and directs your creation energy. But anytime you set an intention you must add the Fire power tools of decision, commitment, and consistent action to bring your intention into form. If you aren’t sure what action to take, tune in. When you ask internally, you will receive guidance on at least one thing you must do right now to create your intention. Ask your inner guidance: What’s needed? What’s next? After that, tune in again for the next step and keep going.

The secret between powerful creation success and weak intentions is action. People who act on their inner “to do” guidance get results. It’s so easy to just sit around making excuses why you can’t do something. Actually, what drives the engine of creation is making a decision that will produce results and making a commitment to stick to it no matter what.

Honestly, sometimes you have to push yourself to complete your book, to generate the sales you need, to call your customers, to consistently produce your ezine, to create a new program, or to design and energize your creation blueprint.

The next time your creation results feel weak, review these three steps to discover where you can stoke your inner creation Fire.

Step One: What’s my intention? Do I have a clear intention of what I choose to create? Have I defined a measurable goal and put a completion date in place? Have I put this intention in writing? Am I using the power of my imagination to visualize the successful completion?

Step Two: Am I committed? Have I made a clear decision that I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring this creation into form? Am I seriously committed to taking consistent step-by-step action to bring this creation into form?

Step Three: How do I complete it? Have I asked my inner guidance for the best first step or for my next step? When will I complete that step? What reward have I set for myself at the first big milestone? What reward will I give myself upon successful completion of the project?

Staying aware of these three steps and being willing to be honest with yourself around any excuses you make will generate successful results. It’s time for you to apply the strategic power of Fire to bring your creations into form now.



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