Week 6:

The Goddess gift of vision works on multiple levels. You are blessed with outer world vision which gives you the capacity to see the beauty of the world around you and be uplifted by it. This outer world vision also gives you the ability to read words and be inspired by images that form in your mind. Through outer vision, you notice things on the planet that call for your attention and focus.

By contrast, you also have the ability to use your inner vision. This inner vision calls the formless into manifest form. The more you hold the vision of the highest good and outcome for any situation, regardless of what is showing up currently in your outer vision, the more you become a conscious co-creator.

Sadly, because of old habits or lack of self-awareness, most people only pay attention to their outer circumstances, and from that, they determine what’s possible for their lives. This outer vision approach says, “I believe only what I see (in the outer world).”

Goddess magic is the gift of inner vision that comes from seeing and holding the frequency of what you choose to manifest with your inner vision until it appears in your outer world. Through inner vision, the images you hold start drawing energy to them.

In his book, Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life, author Trevor G. Blake speaks to this process in a powerful way. If you want to make a huge difference in your creation ability, read Blake’s book, and develop this skill.

Many women have a tendency to think too small in terms of what they envision for their lives, their businesses, their impact on the world, and the legacy they’ll leave. Allow yourself to expand to deeply tap into the Divine Feminine for guidance on your vision. Open for insight. Connect to the vision your soul longs to express.

This week ask yourself these reflective questions:

  • Am I consciously choosing the vision I want to hold for my life? 
  • Where am I allowing the outer world to determine the vision I hold?
  • Where do I need to strengthen my capacity to hold my vision until it comes into manifest form? And in what ways?
  • Where do I need to hold a more expansive or bigger vision for myself and the world?

Here’s an exercise from my book Natural Rhythms: A Sacred Guide into Nature’s Creation Secrets.  This exercise will help you activate your visionary ability. It’s helpful to do this exercise rhythmically (say once a season) for added insight.

Exercise: Activating Your Visionary Ability (from Chapter 5)

A few years ago, while I was participating in a sharing circle, a native elder passed around a talking stick that had been in his family for generations. This powerful medicine tool had an eagle head at its top. The minute I touched the stick, I saw through the eagle’s eyes as it soared above the earth, and eagle asked me “Do you have the courage to be the visionaries of these times?”

This one simple question affected me deeply, because I understood the meaning. Each of us carries the capacity to envision a world where we honor one another and the natural world around us. The eagle was asking me if we each have the courage to be those visionaries.

Sit in meditation and, if it feels appropriate to you, ask Air and eagle energy to activate your visionary ability. Ask if there are ways in which you need to be more courageous in your life or in your vision of life? Ask if there is anything else you need to know. Receive the messages given and journal about it. You may also want to do a visionary collage or art piece.

Have a visionary week.


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