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Week 8:
The natural life cycle presents us with a number of powerful physical transformation points that also function as initiations into a new phase of consciousness. Coming of age, stepping into adulthood, child birth, and menopause are all doorways into another aspect of the self.

These natural phases can seem purely physical, consisting of changes in our physical, or outer world. What we often miss during these points of transformation is how they also act upon our psychological, or inner world, at the same time.

Our ancestors lived in closer relationship to the natural world and understood the necessity of ushering initiates through these life passages, or transformations. Sadly, modern life gives us few clues as to how to navigate these life altering stages. Unless someone around you explained what happens in a transformational initiation, you probably entered and made your way through without much guidance or support.

Imagine how different it might be if you lived in a time or community that consciously engaged these life initiations. You would understand that these soul passages melt your former self down in order for you to emerge into an entirely new way of being. You’d understand that before you re-form into the you that will emerge from the chrysalis, that all aspects of your former self will dissolve into a glob.

Instead of just being the rebelling teenager, the hormonal pregnant woman, or the unstable hot flashing menopausal manic, there could be support for the depth of inner physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes occurring.

While knowing this might not make the passage any easier, at least you would know you aren’t crazy, and the people around you could support your journey in a way that is actually effective.

Consciously participating in the transformational process moves you from (a) engaging it as a crisis to (b) intentionally crafting the next version of yourself.

This week ask yourself: 
  • What’s transforming in my life and how can I more consciously engage the journey?
  • What needs transforming in my life right now? And in my business?
  • Is there anything in my daily or weekly routine that needs to change?
  • What is transforming in my body? What does my body need to support its changes?
  • Do any thoughts or beliefs need transforming? What are they?
  • Do any old feelings need transforming? What are they?
  • Where do I need to be more present to the process of transformation?
  • Where is transformation calling me to a deeper version of myself?

Open to the deep wisdom of transformation. Spend some time writing in your journal and tap into the awareness you discover.

Have a transformative week!


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