The Power of YOU in Creation

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The Power of YOU in Creation

Certain times of the year call us to bring new ideas into form—the start of a new year, a new season, or during some other transition point.
We often focus on setting goals, creating intentions, and planning out what we can do to manifest our desires. But understanding the fundamental difference between creation and manifestation can help you increase your results.

It’s simple: Manifestation brings about inorganic results. An example would be a silk plant, it’s not alive and can not grow and expand. A creation functions organically, such as a living plant with the capacity to grow, expand, evolve and often reproduce. A creation is alive. 

Many people have learned to manifest and produce predictable results. But discovering how to work with creation magnifies your capacity to bring dreams and desires into form tremendously. Creations take on a life of their own and produce expansive results.

The realm of creation, however, requires learning a unique set of skills and developing trust in the processes of the living organic natural world. A plant needs a certain amount of light, water, air, nourishment, and growing medium. Receiving those ingredients in a suitable mixture is what determines if the plant will flourish or not. Creation involves taking a seed or a root, then planting it and waiting to see if the plant lives and grows–something you have no control over.

The same truth works when you enter the realm of creation in your life and business. Creation requires dancing with the unknown. You never know what seed and egg will unite to bring forth a baby. You never know exactly which tomato seeds will sprout and grow the strongest produce. You never know for sure what program will take your business to the next level. You do know that in order to get pregnant you need to keep bringing the egg and seed together. You do know that you need to plant more than one tomato seed to ensure a good harvest. And in your business, you know you need to continue to develop programs and products that serve your clients and grow your business sustainably.

One of the greatest challenges that women face when they begin exploring creation is that it isn’t completely predictable. It functions with organic timing not calendar timing. Unless you schedule a C-section, you don’t know exactly when your baby is coming. You just need to be prepared when it’s time.

In other words, you are not in complete control of creation. A lot of women run screaming from things they cannot control. They hold on for dear life to what they can control and stay stuck because they don’t want to change, make a mistake, or end up with a mess. But, creation is messy. You have to get your hands dirty, and birthing a baby’s bloody. iStock_000005655141Small

Our cultural training teaches us to be perfect, get things right the first time, and to constantly stay clean and neat. But that doesn’t work with the living process of creation. We need to allow ourselves to experience the beginner stage, the place of unknown. If you were learning ballet, you wouldn’t expect yourself to get everything right the first time you went into the studio. It takes practice and so does the dance of creation.

You need the power of practice over time just like the ballerina learning to turn on one leg. She routinely practices her turns, making slight adjustments each time she turns until one day it becomes effortless. If the dancer gives up too soon she’ll never know the exhilaration that comes with the magic of multiple turns.  She will train herself to give up when she reaches a normal plateau that comes with any skill development.

When I’m coaching people around creation, this is one of the most common things that happens. They become frustrated when their development takes time and practice. They don’t understand why their dreams and desires haven’t come into being yet, and they give up.  Instead, they need to practice moving through the process of creation fully.

So, how do you learn the secrets to gracefully dancing with creation?

1) Make sure the dreams or desires you are bringing into form are in alignment with your authentic essence. If you’re focusing on creating something that is not authentic to your essence and in alignment with who you are at the core, then you you won’t have enough internal desire to practice and push through the needed growth in order to bring your creation into form. 

2) Develop your ability to align with the elemental forces of creation. Each elemental realm (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) is a vital component in the field of creation. They function in the same way a plant needs good soil, air, water, and light. By discovering how to work with and align with each of the elemental forces you impact your creation success. 

3) Allow enough time for your creations to grow. It’s easy to forget that on the physical realm, things take time to reach maturity. Babies require years to grow into adulthood and stand on their own two feet as unique individuals that create their own lives. Trees need time to develop before they bear fruit. You will begin to know if your creation need more time to grow and mature or if it is an inauthentic desire and needs to be released.

4) Understand the power of you in creation. You influence creation with every action you take and every choice you make. Just like a dancer your results depend on you taking action and realigning with your creation intentions rhythmically, taking actions that move your creations forward every day, week, month and year. 

5) Use the power of your imagination. Honestly, your imagination is one of the most powerful creation tools you have. When athletes and dancers visualize their performance, it dramatically improves their skills. So use this power and rehearse in your mind. See yourself easily giving your talk on stage or successfully performing your dance. Imagine holding a book you wrote easily. Visualize the sales flowing gracefully into your business. Use the tangible power of your imagination to see it and feel it and to experience in your mind’s eye the grace and ease of it flowing to you.

Now’s the time to dance with creation. What ideas are you bringing into form? Your process is ready to begin!


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